Why Your Business Needs Inbound Marketing To Survive

Inbound Marketing: Introduction

Welcome to this article on Inbound marketing in which you will learn why your business needs inbound marketing.

We will be taking a look at what inbound marketing is, how it works and how you can actually start inbound marketing your business effectively.

This means that once you have read this article, you should have gained some practical advice that you can apply to your own business.

What Is Inbound Marketing?

So, what is Inbound marketing? Inbound marketing is also known as “attraction marketing”  and it is when you attract your customers. That means, they come to you. You don’t go out looking for them.

As you can imagine, this has huge benefits to business owners, especially when you attract a larger volume of customers. Since the emergence of the internet, inbound marketing has become a lot easier.

This is due to search engines such as Google or YouTube. If you can present your business for a search term that your target audience is looking for, then you sure will get a lot of business from it.

How Does Inbound Marketing Work?

As we have mentioned above, Inbound marketing works great when focusing on search engines.

This means to present ourselves there, we can either consistently run paid advertisements or we can craft a content marketing strategy that aims for our content to rank for those terms.

We can also have a mixed approach and run both paid ads, as well as focus on content marketing.  This decision is down to you, as each business is different.

However, content marketing should be a part of every online business. When a business starts to rank for buyer-intent keywords related to the product or service offered, then usually that business gains a consistent flow of new customers or clients every single month.

To read more about the basics of inbound marketing, check out inbound marketing basics.

Why Your Business Needs Inbound Marketing

Your business needs inbound marketing. Every business that wants long term growth needs inbound marketing. All the huge companies that you can think of are using inbound marketing.

Even big marketers such as Neil Patel are all focused on inbound marketing. Inbound marketing allows businesses to generate hundreds or thousands of leads per day. You can simply not generate that amount through methods such as outreach.

Long-Term Stability

As we mentioned earlier, stability is one of the main reasons your business needs inbound marketing. Having a consistent flow of new customers is beneficial for any business.

Inbound marketing offers exactly that.


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It’s just not efficient to run after every single customer yourself and try to grow your business that way. It’s a lot more efficient (and effective) to build up a business through content marketing.

Once you get that consistent flow of new customers through inbound marketing, you will have a lot more time to do other tasks such as scaling.

Larger Volume Of Customers

Usually speaking, businesses that utilize inbound marketing, get a higher volume of visitors, leads and sales.

It would be pretty hard to reach the same amount of people through outbound marketing, as you would with inbound marketing. You need to build assets that generate traffic for your business.

These assets could be a blog or a YouTube channel, or even a well-managed social media account. However, usually speaking a blog and YouTube channel would be more effective.

Brand Visibility

Once you start growing your content marketing asset, a natural result of that is that your brand visibility will increase tremendously. Of course, this is a huge benefit and will help you grow your business.

Cons Of Inbound Marketing

Inbound marketing sounds great, but are there any cons? Yes, two main cons stop a lot of business owners from focusing on Inbound marketing.

It Takes Time & Effort (Or Money)

Most inbound strategies take lots of time and effort.

Creating content, promoting content and doing all the technical tasks such as SEO, it’s a lot of effort. Not only that, but it also takes a long time.

This is why most business owners often tend to look for quick solutions. Of course, you could also automate the entire process, but often that can become expensive pretty quickly.

Alternatively, you could also run paid PPC ads. However, due to the rise of the cost per click in advertising networks, a lot of business owners get put off by this too.

What’s The Solution?

Well, that depends on your business. From my experience, it has always been easier to go down the content marketing route and looking at it as a long-term strategy.

If you go into content marketing for quick results, you will probably just fail. Content marketing and SEO are both long term strategies that will have tremendous benefits in the long term.

The key is to find a strategy that works with you and more importantly your business. Maybe it’s a mixture of PPC ads and SEO or maybe it’s just SEO.

Find something that works and stay consistent.

How To Start Inbound Marketing

Here are 4 steps to starting Inbound marketing

  1. Build an asset such as your blog or YouTube channel
  2. Create content that your audience would look for
  3. Optimize for search engines
  4. Stay consistent

If you would like a more in-depth guide on the strategy behind Inbound marketing, Five Star Funnel’s attraction marketing guide will assist you in doing so.




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    Hey there, great post. Inbound marketing is important for every business to generate leads and attracting customers. I am also thinking to start a marketing campaign for my business. Your guide to the inbound marketing looks helpful for me. Thanks for sharing.

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