What Is Domain Authority (DA) And Page Authority (PA) By MOZ

Let’s admit it. Every time we have produced a fantastic piece of content, we have wondered what place the page will occupy in the SERP or, how it will affect the overall performance of the domain. While most of us don’t have access to the Google’s mystical algorithms to make such predictions, there is something else that can help us determine how well our pages/site could rank and what more can be done to fine tune the SEO strategy and improve the rankings.

What is Domain Authority (DA)

Domain Authority (DA) is a search engine metric, developed by Moz, which can predict how well your pages will rank on SERP. A DA score ranges from one to 100 with newer sites having scores towards the lower end while those more mature, in terms of content and SEO, rank at the other end of the scale.

While this score is not used by the Google algorithms to rank sites/pages, it is a predictive tool that helps understand the missing ingredients in the existing SEO strategy.

What is Page Authority (PA)

As the name suggests, Page Authority (PA) measures the ranking strength of every page rather than that of the entire domain or sub-domain as the former.

The DA Scale

The DA scale is a 100-point logarithmic scale based on the following factors:

  • MozRank
  • MozTrust
  • Link Profile

While the first two are Moz’s proprietary systems, the third one: Link Profile is something you have more control over, and can improve it.

However, don’t jump up in joy yet, as according to Moz, there are more than 40 factors that make up the DA of your site. But, that is not reason to despair either. Since link profile is one of the factors that are explicitly mentioned by them, there is a lot that is still under your control.

So, let’s get started! Here is a list of best SEO practices that can be adopted to improve link profile and ultimately get better DA.

1. Consider a Link Audit

As already mentioned, a healthy Link Profile is one of the keys to a great DA score. Your link profile is a sum total of all the backlinks your site has earned. So, a link profile that has variety and follows all of Google’s guidelines, bypassing all link schemes, is a healthy one.

If you have ever adopted any of the non-organic methods to earn backlinks, it’s time to go back and reconsider that decision for an optimal DA score.

2. Content is still the King

Call it a cliché but nothing beats great content. Just nothing! If you consistently produce high-quality content, sites from your niche/sector are bound to link to your page/domain. And, you have earned some authentic, trustworthy, organic backlinks that will push your DA score up.

Another very important facet of your content is how specifically it answers the queries surrounding a topic and how deep you have dived into it.

Content that answers a reader’s queries around an issue is likely to attract web-traffic that sustains over a long period of time and further boosts DA.

3. Firm up Your Overall SEO

While there is no proven evidence of any specific SEO technique improving DA score, nevertheless this needs to be paid attention to.

According to Moz, improving overall (both off-page & on-page) SEO can benefit the DA score. And when The Guru of DA says so, you would rather sharpen it up than take chances. Source: moz.com

Where Can I Find the DA Score of my Site?

Once you have fixed all SEO factors you may want to know the DA score of your domain. You can do this here by using our bulk DA and PA checker, or you can do it by using Moz’s Link Explorer, Moz’s free SEO toolbar – MozBar, or in the SERP Analysis section of Keyword Explorer.

But beware that changes in the DA score take time to reflect!

Allow at least a fortnight to see the desired impact on the DA scores after you have made all appropriate changes in SEO and have written out some truly helpful content. But rest assured that improvements in DA rank will show up sooner rather than later.

But, it’s Not Forever!

And just when your DA scores start looking up and you are basking in the glory of your achievement you might see a sudden change in the DA rank. As harsh as it may sound, it is true!

DA scores are not permanent. Just as they are not absolute.

DA scores are relative. Remember, you are scored on a 100-point scale relative to all other sites operating in your niche. This means that after each update, follows a recalculation of scores which can result in your page/site going down in authority irrespective of you having beefed up your SEO and content.

The Conclusion

So, how can I avoid losing my authority?

It’s simple! Just ensure that you follow steady, iterative processes to improve link profile and build unique, high-quality, multi-format content that solves specific queries rather than provide a bird’s eye view of the topic. This ensures a healthy backlink ecosystem and a steady increase in web-traffic that sustains a rise in DA ranks over a period of time.

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