Web Hosting For New Businesses ? Relax in the Cloud

You’re starting a business and your area of expertise isn’t in web hosting.

You’re also busy and you want IT solutions that don’t bog you down. Web hosting, when handled by an expert can be the solution you’re looking for, especially if it’s cloud computing. The concepts behind cloud computing have been around for years, but it could certainly provide a silver lining to your IT challenges.

Cloud computing is essentially a way to liquidate virtually all of your current IT assets and utilize the services available from a cloud hosting service provider. Often times sold ‘on demand’, for example by the minute or by the hour, a customer uses as much or as little of these services as needed. Generally, all the customer needs is a personal computer and internet access; the rest is handled by the cloud service provider.


The varying levels of cloud computing fall into three categories:


    • Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) offers storage and resources to deliver business solutions. This is essentially the most basic form of service provided.
    • Platform as a Service (PaaS) is where developers can build applications on top of the provided infrastructure. The provider may also include developer tools offered to build services, or data access, and data base services, or billing services.
    • With Software as a Service (SaaS) providers, virtually the entire IT value chain is taken care of… your users are accessing the business and other applications to do their job. This service is ideal for those who want very little to do with their hosting and development.


What it can do for you

Those who would most benefit from cloud computing are organizations who don’t need or want to have knowledge of, expertise in, or control of the technology infrastructure that supports them. However, there are five ways cloud computing can help any business.


    • Lower cost:

      Cloud computing services follow a pay-as-you-go model. Payment is incremental based on usage. Taking a commodity application from on-premise servers and put it in the cloud and you’ll save. Typically very few applications are full 24/7, so only having to pay for what you use is a benefit.

    • Flexibility:

      Cloud computing offers the ability to add people to use applications as needed, and to alter your level of service as your business requires. The cloud also allows for developing and releasing new applications. Large analytic applications that need lots of hardware, but are rarely run become more feasible with the cloud.

    • Increased Storage:

      More data can be stored via cloud computing than on private computer systems.

    • Mobility:

      Employees can access information wherever they are and don’t need to be tied to their desktops.

    • Automation:

      IT personnel don’t have to be concerned with updating software, and they no longer have to worry about server updates or other computing issues.


Essentially, cloud computing can eliminate space, time, power, and cost issues surrounding infrastructure and software needs.


When it comes to security in web hosting, it’s your responsibility to make certain you’ve done what’s needed to understand the cloud environment, and to secure your data. A recent government report highlights these simple steps to keep in mind when signing up for web hosting:


    • Plan the security and privacy aspects of cloud computing before implementation.
    • Understand the public cloud environment offered by the provider.
    • Make certain that a cloud computing solution ? both resources and applications ? satisfy organizational security and privacy requirements.
    • Maintain accountability over properties implemented and deployed in public cloud environments.


Thinking ahead

For more established businesses, there’s more to cloud computing than simply cost-cutting. E-consultancy outlines a shift towards more companies viewing the cloud as an enhancement to the product development life cycle. The flexibility in the cloud allows companies to move ideas through development stages more easily, as the availability required from pre-product, to competitive product, to commodity product changes.
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