Tips to Improve Your Content Marketing

Content marketing is probably one of the most buzzed about terms in marketing today.  Customers are savvier than ever and are using the internet to self-educate.  Because of this, creating relevant and valuable content is a must for all businesses.  It’s not necessarily about selling a product as much as it’s about communicating with customers.  More and more emphasis is being put on good, quality content. reports that interesting content is one of the top three reasons people follow brands on social media.  We’ve gathered some ways that you can improve your content marketing and stay relevant with your customers.


Everyone’s time is short and there is a lot of competition for a customer’s focus.  Instead of long white papers or reports, try short, smaller stories.  Adding customer stories and case studies to a business’ website is not only more personal but also builds trusts with buyers.  It’s much more interesting and entertaining than a white paper.  Providing product how-to’s and support materials showcases quality documentation on an organizations social media and internet sites.  Involve staff from other parts of the company as well if their expertise is needed, it will give more credence to the article.

Customer-Driven Content

Because of social media sites it’s easier to know exactly what customers want and expect.  They have become so interactive that marketers can tailor their content to answer customer questions and needs.  There is a huge push for timely information and through each social media tactic, marketers can use their customers input to provide the content they need.


We’ve said it before, visual marketing is the future.  Images and video are retained so much more than just words.  When creating a content marketing strategy it is more important than ever to include infographics, picture galleries and slide shows.  According to, articles with images get 94% more views.  Video is also on the rise, especially with the ability of Vine Video and Instagram Video.  In addition, business’ can place demo videos, podcasts and e-learning programs on their sites.  The key here is again, keep it short.

An effective content marketing strategy is essential to any successful marketing campaign.  When formulating content, remember to keep it short, include customer and case studies and don’t forget the visuals.  Feedback from customers is invaluable, use it. As they say, content is king!  If you need help with your marketing content, Contact Us, and start communicating efficiently with your customers.

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