The Latest News from Google 25th April 2020

The weekend has just begun but looks no different than any other day. 

But at Google, things are always dynamic. There’s something to always look forward to.

 Staying true to its legacy, here are a few changes that Google recently announced. Take a look.

1. Google will now Admit that there are Searches it has no Answers for

Sounds strange. Does it? But, it’s true nonetheless.

In a new turn of events, Google will now let you know when the search results are of a sub-average quality.

Instead of putting out the cold, generic message that reads,

“Your search did not match any documents”,

You will now see the following message:

“It looks like there aren’t any great matches for your search.”

While the Search Engine takes care to provide the most relevant information to its users, there are times when this is not possible.

In all such instances, the message will help the user know the lack of relevant results. And if one still wishes to go through them, they can always do so.

At present, this change will roll out only in the US. However, one can look forward to the change eventually rolling out worldwide. 

2. Google’s new Feature in Search keeps track of your Entertainment Needs

Google has been reminding us of our credit card dues and utility bills like a diligent assistant for a long time now.

Of late, the Search Giant also offers to take care of our entertainment needs.

Extension of the TV & Movie Recommendations System

If you remember, Google added the TV & movie recommendations system to its search last year. The same system now has a new extension.

Google will soon make a list of recommendations every time a user looks for shows and movies to watch.

Making recommendations for every search query is a Google thing. But what makes this different is that the users can now keep a track of the suggestions using this new feature.

The new feature allows one to create a watchlist and add shows and movies to watch later.

The Rating System

But, what forms the basis of these recommendations?

Well, being the perfectionist that it is, Google will not make vague entertainment suggestions.

Once a user signs in, a list of entertainment features is shown to them. The user can choose to swipe right if s/he likes the show/movie or, swipe left to discard it.

Based on these choices, Google will have information to make personalized entertainment suggestions for the user.

Google may have planned to launch this feature much for a long time but, the launch timing couldn’t have been more apt. With most of the world under a lockdown and looking for means of entertainment, this is a useful feature to have.


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