The Holidays and Mobile Marketing

Optimize Your Website

At this time of year, more than ever it is important to optimize your website for mobile viewing.  If a consumer is not satisfied with brand’s mobile website they will go to the competitor. In fact, according to a Google study, 52% of mobile users report abandoning a brand after a bad mobile experience. When preparing your mobile-friendly site, simplify the customer’s shopping process by organizing products into gifting categories such as gifts for:  guys, girls, parents, the hostess, teens, etc. Make it easy for customers to shop and sort through your products.

Minimize Showrooming

Many consumers use their mobile device to shop for the perfect item, find the right price or read reviews of a product. This activity of browsing and researching is called “showrooming” and may or may not result in a sale. To minimize showrooming offer coupons that can be redeemed online or in the store but expire quickly. Engaging in social media also cuts down on showrooming. Buyers are influenced by shares and presence on social media.  Don’t forget your social media presence during the holidays to give your business that extra boost.

Text Messaging

Text messaging is another way to attract buyers during the holiday season through Black Friday to post holiday sales.  Whether sent with plain text or with images it’s a personal way to reach consumers and more text messages are opened than e-mails. It allows for customers to opt-in and opt-out easily and it’s easy to measure what works and what doesn’t works. For the holidays text messaging can used to send one day only sales to help boost revenue.  The average redemption rate of a coupon sent via text message is 10 times higher than that of e-mail. Texts can also be used to send product images, holiday tips and gift guides.


Holiday season is truly a time for mobile marketing to shine. Most consumers will search and purchase gifts online through November and December. To take advantage of this market your business should have a mobile-friendly website that’s prepared for the holidays. If you have questions about how to get your site mobile-friendly, Contact Us, for you mobile marketing needs.

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