The Benefits of Blogging for Business

The heart of any social media marketing strategy is content.  One of the most cost-effective and simple ways to share your content with target audiences is with a blog.  It is a direct line of communication with customers that increases brand awareness, positions you as an industry expert and increase sales.  In fact, a HubSpot survey found that 60% of businesses who blog acquire more sales.  Blogging is an extremely valuable tool for any business and the foundation of any digital marketing strategy.

Why Should You Blog?

The main reason a business should write a blog is to connect with their customers and target market.  Unlike other social media platforms, a blog is your own, you have total control over the content and the amount of words used.  It also tends to have a more personal tone which humanizes products or services and gives the company a voice.  Through the blog a company can become an expert in the industry or subject area.  Valuable content will keep readers coming back each week.

The Benefits of Blogging

In addition to being a tool to talk about new products or services and industry-related topics, blogs provide many other benefits to businesses of all sizes.  Blogs push a company website higher up in search engine results.  Search engines love content and blogs are full of valuable content.  Blogging also opens up a two-way communication between you and your customer as well as potential customers.  Blogs allow for comments and feedback from readers and interaction from you as well.  It’s important to always remember to follow-up with readers’ comments.  Once customers see your business as a reliable source of information, their confidence in you grows and they will turn to your business to purchase.  Blogging drives sales; it gets prospects visiting your site.

Make Your Blog Worth Reading

A blog is a relatively simple and easy way for any business to connect with their customers.  There are many key benefits to blogging from increasing SEO results to sharing your expertise.  A company blog is a great way to communicate and share content with your audience.  However, it’s important to remember that a blog needs to be worth reading, sharing and most importantly, revisiting.  Next week, we will give you some tips on how to write a successful blog.  Contact Us to get started on your blogging campaign.

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