Ten top tips on making money online with articles

Writing articles regularly related to your niche is a superb way to court the search engines which love fresh content. They will then reward you with traffic. But just how do you come up with ideas for your next article? Here are ten tips that will certainly help:


1) Hang out in online discussion groups in your niche

If you want to write what will resonate well with people in your niche go where they hang out. Pay close attention to what they are talking about. Check the types of questions they are asking.

Now copy down the topics that are gathering the greatest number of visitors and attracting the most comments. That’s what’s trending. They would no doubt make for excellent articles that your target audience would love to consume.

2) Check information broadcast on TV and radio, and published in newspapers and online

The mass media still command a huge audience. This is because people love the fresh news items that the hordes of journalists hunt from all corners of the earth.

Check them for what is “hot” or trending. They can be invaluable material to help you write articles that would suck in lots of traffic.

3) Read quality blogs in your niche

Blogs are the internet marketing medium of the moment. There are millions of them and you can literally find blogs on any topic imaginable.

All blogs are not equal. Some blogs are more helpful than others. So look for those run by influencers in your niche.

What are they posting about? What kind of comments are the visitors and the blog owners leaving? What questions are readers asking?

Those are their pain points. Problems for which they are looking for solutions.

This is an excellent source for your next helpful article idea. When people find that you’re adept at offering solutions to problems, they will become traffic for you. And as icing on the cake, even offer you their custom.

4) Survey your current customers or website visitors

Help people get what they want and they would help you too get what you desire.

Customers and website visitors are the lifeblood of your online business. Besides, you can’t dance and appreciate yourself. Therefore ask them what kinds of articles they would like to see in your next ezine or posted on your site.

Google forms offers you a superb, cost-free way to do this.

5) Examine online and offline bookshops

Look for the best-selling authors. People are not buying their books just for their names but because they love what they are talking about.

You can therefore find a good content to come up with an article that will catch the attention of people.

6)  Try to be in tune with the seasons

How many shops can you find which are selling last season’s items? Since they know nobody will patronize them in the coming one, they organize bargain sales to clear off the stock.

Like the shops, so must you.

Today’s news is what everybody is rushing for. Freshness makes for interesting reading.

So write about what is taking place that time of year. Vacations, celebrations, sporting events, college graduations, etc. can all be used for short articles that someone is certainly anxious to check out.

7) Write an article about an existing trend

What is the current fad that all the TVs, radios, newspapers and internet sites are talking about?

Coronavirus or COVID-19.


Because it is hot and everybody wants to learn about it.

Your topic doesn’t necessarily have to be sensational. There is always something that is hot at the time and could make for interesting reading.

Would people want to consume it? You bet!


8) Monitor what your leads and also clients are asking you

If you receive an email or get a phone call with a concern this might make for an excellent short article. This is especially true if the same matter keeps on coming up.

Don’t think only those people have those questions. Mind you, others may have the very same queries too, but are afraid or hesitant to ask it.

This was my case when I was at school. Anytime I didn’t understand something I would pray hard for someone else to ask it. I got relieved if somebody did but bitterly disappointed if nobody asked.


9) Use your intuition

What do you think people will be talking about next Christmas?

To find out, read books and articles about societal trends written by futurologists. Then take an inkling on what people will like to read about some time down the line.

Then be the first to offer it. Your readers will love you for that.


10) Start a swipe file on what others are writing about

You’re not a unique island in an archipelago. If a matter is of interest to you it will most probably catch the attention of others too.

A swipe file on what others have written about is not an invitation to plagiarize the work of others. But a way for you to certainly get good ideas for articles.

The greatest advantage of a swipe file is having something useful to refer back to over and also over whenever you are all set to create your short article but not certain what you want to write about. Short, it will act as the spark which will ignite ideas.



Fresh valuable content we said brings traffic. And this traffic can be converted into leads. And it is from these leads that you can have customers who will buy from you and make you money.

So try these top ten tips and see yourself smiling all the way to the bank.

A hint

However, if, despite all these 10 pointers, you find it hard to turn your ideas into articles, you can hire a professional to ghost-write them for you.

The costs are not as high as to break the bank and, considering the return on investment, it could be one of the best outlays you will ever make.

Good luck!


Akoli Penoukou is a blogger, affiliate marketer and owner at secureyourfuturewithus.com. A teacher, translator, fiction writer, he is your guide to securing your future online. You may visit his blog and join his list here.

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