SEO News 4th June 2020

SEO Updates 4th June 2020 1. Clicking on Featured Snippet takes you to the Text on the Webpage Next time, or maybe by the time this article goes online, when you click a featured snippet, Google will take you directly to that part of the web page that contains the snippet text. A featured snippet […]

Daily SEO News 21st Mar 2020

SEO Updates 21st Mar 2020 1. Google’s Right-Sidebar Featured Snippet Moved to Main Results The deduplication of search results that started in January this year saw yet another step in the direction. Traditionally, a featured snippet appeared on the SERP in the right-sidebar and the same link also appeared in the search results. This featured […]

SEO Daily News 25th Jan 2020

SEO Updates from 25th Jan 2020 1. Google Experiments with Desktop SERP Layout Google is once again experimenting with the look of the SERP layout for desktop! Yes, you read that right, ‘again’! If you’ve been watching this space closely for the past few days, we reported changes in the design of the SERP. Google […]