Submit URL to Google Tool Is Officially Dead

As of 25th July this year, Google is not allowing people to add their site’s URL anymore straight from the search engine results page with their “Submit URL to Google” tool. Everyone in the SEO world knew about this tool and was using it mostly to try to get their freshly created backlinks to be indexed fast.

This is not why this tool was introduced in the first place and I can understand why Google came up with the decision to close it down. The tool was meant to help Webmasters submit the content they created in a more convenient way than going through Search Console and “Fetch as Google” way of indexing pages. But, as with most things in the SEO world, this tool got used and abused by SEO people rather than by your average Webmasters.

Google Webmaster announcing submit url to Google is dead

While this may be a disappointing decision to many SEO’s, it shouldn’t be a much of a problem if you are using White-hat SEO techniques to get backlinks. By doing things in White-hat manner, one would assume that the backlinks you are getting are coming from solid and genuine websites where content, along with your backlinks, gets indexed fast anyway.
As for the submitting the URL to Google from your own website, well you still have an option to do it from your Search Console.

What are your thoughts? Is this something that is going to slow down your progression or you didn’t use Google’s URL submit tool much anyway?

Alex D,

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