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Write For Us – Submit Guest Post – Guest Posting Guidelines for MediaNovas

For all of you who want to become a contributor and publish an article on our blog, please read the guidelines below.


How can you become a MediaNovas guest post contributor?

To become a contributor at MediaNovas, you will need to click here to register as contributor first.

Once you verify your email, you can login to our WordPress and create a new post. You will also be able to edit your profile and enter some more info about you, place links to your social profiles and to your website.

Before writing an article, please focus on quality and adding value for readers without being too promotional. One tip that always worked the best for me when I was doing guest posting is to write “top 5”, “top 10” and so on articles where I could enter a link to my website in a more subtle way among links to other authorities in my niche. Feel free to explore other ideas on how to place a link inside the article in a natural way and without using rich-commercial anchors.

All articles have to be unique and at least 700 words in length.

If you wish your backlink to be dofollow, please stick to non-spammy anchors and use something like: BrandName, site name, sitename.com, www.site.com, read more, view more, check this, visit here, this, website, web site, here, this website, click here, etc.

Some of the categories that I accept articles from.

– Digital Marketing tips
– Blogging tips
– WordPress plugins and themes
– Entrepreneurship
– Making money online tips and ideas.
– Social media marketing, online marketing, and inbound marketing.
– SEO tools, software, and case studies.
– PPC, Facebook Advertising, Youtube Advertising, Linkedin and Instagram Advertising

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