Stricter Google Search Policies in the times of Coronavirus

Stricter Google Search Policies in the times of Coronavirus

COVID-19 has adversely affected businesses world over. This can, at times, cause e-commerce players to place misleading ads to capitalize on the vulnerable situation.

In a bid to stall all such efforts, and to protect consumers from misinformation regarding COVID-19, Google announced that it would block all ads that appear to capitalize on the virus and lure users to make unnecessary or panic purchases.

Implementation Challenges

Despite the new ad policies and the stricter norms around ads that target the vulnerability created by the Coronavirus, implementation on a global scale remains a challenge.

For instance, a recent ad by that showed up for the term ‘travel hand sanitizer’ perfectly exemplifies the problem.

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Everything seems in-line with the new Google guidelines, on the surface. But, upon clicking the ad, the page unravels COVID-19 home testing kits.

Though, the user landed on the page looking forward to buying a sanitizer but may end up purchasing these kits which are not approved by the Centers for Disease Control.

The page is thus monetizing on the vulnerability of the consumer in the face of the global health crisis.

It is ads like this that somehow bypass Google monitoring, and successfully exploit the panic situation. The new guidelines aim to curb exactly these.

Why The Crackdown on Ads is Important

In the panic-ridden times of Coronavirus that we are living in, it is important that any mass anxiety and the exploitation of it are avoided. This may not contain the spread of the virus but surely will go a long way in hindering panic purchases, and help bring life back to normalcy.


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