SEO Weekly Roundup 4 Nov – 10 Nov

The average SEO site, in general, will outperform any site that does not have SEO in its favor. SEO can ultimately be the game-changer for a website and it is probably top of the list of things that should not be ignored while putting up a website.

Therefore, maintaining and keeping the SEO score up-to-date should be the very first concern in the minds of site owners especially when they are aiming to rank their website and beat the competition on a global level.

Here are the latest happenings in the SEO industry that might concern you or your website.

Google Test Removing Reviews From Local Knowledge Panels

Like Google previously practiced in 2016, the Tech Giant might once again be testing to remove the reviews from direct searches of knowledge panels.

Darcy Burk, on her twitter account, mentioned that Google’s search results about a certain place were missing while she searched it. The reviews were missing from both the mobile and desktop versions of the same page. However, if you include the specific term “reviews” in the search bar, you get displayed the local reviews. It might be a bug for all we know, but who knows, right?

Gary Illyes Talks To SEO Email Spammers

Without an exception in bright light, we all receive spam emails from organized or individual sources. (To my wonder, I once thought of how Google can even allow such a procedure, so, I went in-depth)

Quite recently, Google’s very own Gary Illyes declared an open season on SEO spammers, most of whom, according to him belonged to India, he even said that he visited some of them and talked to them as well.

In his judgment, he said that he thinks most of the spammers do not even know why they are doing it in the first place. Many a time, it is because of potential financial profits or the probability of some people who actually do buy their products. In his words, “I get them, too. Sometimes I even go to the parts of India where they typically reside and talk to them, and honestly, most times they have no clue what they’re doing or why. There’s just money in it and that’s a great motivator; people do buy sometimes their services.”

Google Featured Snippets Will Be Altered Due To Algorithm Updates

Featured Snippets have been the constantly changing variables in the equation that directly ties to Google’s algorithms.

Seeing the results from the freshness algorithm update introduced by Google in February has paved the way to see the changed featured snippets and recently, acknowledging the fact, Google told the world that each algorithm update brings new featured snippets. However, featured snippets are always in the top ten but mostly they could be in the top three.

Additionally, Dr. Pete, Pete Meyers, from Moz, have their posts on Twitter, “Any algo update that impacts query interpretation or relevance will impact Featured Snippets.”

Google Again Denies Using Ux As A Ranking Factor In A Tweet

Many a time, people have been seen accusing Google of using UX (time on page, dwelling, etc.) as a ranking factor in its algorithm and just as many times Google has denied.

Recently in a tweet, a person asked if there has been a similar consideration or concept in Google and a Googler, Martin Splitt replied to the tweet, “We’re not using such metrics.”

Many SEO experts have written about the fact that there is no such tool that uses USER BEHAVIORAL SIGNALS to aid in ranking a website, not in Google at least. People, however, make their own theories and accuse Google otherwise.

No Eta For The New Gsc From Google

Google’s latest product, “The Google Search Console” has been kickstarted and the tech-geeks are going berserk for the final ETA since the program is still in an experimental phase. Before Google Search Console Speed Reports is officially released, there has been quite a bit of discussion about enhancing it with the API. For example, incrementing the number of Indexed pages.

Actually, the GSC-API has very limited features right now and it requires massive upgrades and additional features. This will not only allow more and more users to benefit from the concept but also add more to the cause of “GOOGLE.” Based on the conversations of John Mueller with curious users on Twitter, maybe you should not expect the Speed Reports to come to an API anytime soon.


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