SEO Weekly Roundup 28 Oct – 3 Nov

Google to launch its new Health Division

One of the biggest names on the internet – Google, announced a new division to start work and provide its services to Google users around the globe.

Coming to the public’s attention, Google Health aims to take over the entire health-related subject and searches on Google. Essentially, the aim of this division is to provide quality health care services to the online world.

David Feinberg, a new lead on Google’s employee board, who has been in charge of the company’s new Health Division has opened up his “Great” plans about the future of online health services for both patients and medical officers.

Imagine a search bar over your EHR (Electronic Health Records) that needs no training!”, he said while he was on the stage in Las Vegas.

Summarizing his thoughts from his speech in an HLTH (health care) conference in Las Vegas earlier this week, he told that he had the following few plans for Google Health in his mind,

  • Feinberg said that he wanted the Medical Practitioners to be more accessible to medical records and case studies. This can save them valuable time and effort and they can spend lesser time on documentation and whatnot.

  • He also mentioned that he plans to improve the health-related searches and optimize the results by Google.

  • David Feinberg stated that he wanted the $3.5 Trillion health care industry that is still mostly manual to taste some of the latest technological advancements.

  • He plans to optimize the search results of Google and YouTube.

Google’s new Health Division will not only help get more from the internet but it will also provide a better understanding and resources for the health-related subjects for both the user and the doctor.

“Site kit” WordPress Plugin from Google now available globally

Site Kit is a new plugin that can be deployed in WordPress to see the versatility of the content you pulled from different sources using Google tools like AdSense, Google Analytics, etc.

Simply put, the site kit allows you to see all the data from these tools in one place.

Why should this concern you? Because all the important information from these tools at one place will give you an out-of-the-box dashboard experience while keeping all the fuss of checking them individually at bay.

Since Site Kit is a plugin, it does not require any specific source code editing. This means the users can easily set it up and allow individual permissions.

This plugin can be downloaded directly from the WordPress directory.

Google bought fitbit for $2.1 Billion

The digital giant, Google, swallowed the famous Fitbit for $2.1 Billion and looked away. Owing to the new release of Google Health, Fitbit’s Wear OS is being planned to be replaced by Google’s Software in the near future.

This can be a part of the bigger game for the Health Division by Google to give it a head start and a business technique as well but the duo is here to stay and stay strong since Google’s VP Sameer Samat said this to be an exciting opportunity for Wear OS.

The purchase will not only open new possibilities and many advanced features in the Wearable Gadget but also improve the overall user experience since the Android Wear is much more than the Wear OS ever was. However, the outcome is yet to be seen and only after that will we be able to properly judge the duo.

The CEO of Fitbit, James Park, said this in an interview,

“Fitbit will be able to accelerate innovation in the wearables category, scale faster and make health even more accessible.”

Google Messes up Pixel 4’s SECURITY

Being the latest smartphone released by Google, Pixel 4 is undoubtedly one of the best the company has to offer, but Google really messed up the security and privacy of this mobile device.

Keeping the only unlock option to be “Face Unlock” on Pixel 4 was a massive slipup by Google. Especially when the phone was lacking a fingerprint scanner, the company should have put in everything on the Face Unlock.

According to the reviews, the face-unlock mode unlocks the phone even when your eyes are closed. Now, for some reason, this can be a privacy endangering thing. Since the phone will unlock no matter what your facial expressions are, you might think of hiding your phone while you are sleeping and whatnot.

Moreover, owning a mobile device that will unlock whilst you are sleeping or uncooperative is a much bigger security concern.


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