SEO Weekly Roundup 24-30 June

SEO is one of the most growing and needed industry currently. There are a lot of people that are working on SEO and there are much more people that are getting benefit from this industry. There are a lot of things that are happening in the SEO on daily basis. There is word in the market that Google made an update in their system.

Read on to find what is really happening?

Possible Google Search Ranking Algorithm Update on the 27th June

We have noticed some gossip in the SEO community for last 24 hours & numerous of the Google automated tools for tracking look to be supporting with this news that there might have been a new Google update previous day. Currently, the Google hasn’t made any confirmation related to this update. So, it is possible that there is not an important update from Google but this might be something else happening.

Google Denounces Support for the Social Profile Markup for the Google Knowledge Panels

An announcement was made from Google from their official Twitter account on June 25th that they have denounced the support for the social profile markup particularly for the knowledge panes. In its place, Google stated that you can either claim the knowledge panel or you can allow Google to figure it out without the use of the markup.

If you look into the Google docs on the social profile…it states at the top in red “the Social Markup for the knowledge panels of the Google is denounced. Now you can discover the social profiles automatically to add them into the knowledge panels of the Google. If you are certified as an official representative, you can also suggest an improvement directly. You should also learn more about this at the update your Google knowledge panel.”

Corporates Can No More Specify Their Social Media Buttons In the Local Knowledge Panels

With denouncing of the Google social profile markup, many businesses might be standing with no luck for being capable to control the social buttons present in the local Google knowledge panels.

For reminder, the Google stated that they’re no more going to use this markup to decide the social buttons that are used in the Google knowledge panels. They have offered 2 choices to choose from; let Google figure it out deprived of the markup or claim the Google knowledge panel.

However, for the businesses this may not appear to work very well. In case the buttons are missing then these corporations might not have some method to communicate with the Google that these buttons are not present or available.
To be as clear as possible, the businesses that are working to specify different versions that are country wise specified of the social media buttons, then that can be managed.

Google Search Console Includes the Mobile-First Indexing Info To Tools and Reports

Google has included the mobile-first index info comprising in case that you are on this mobile-first indexing, if yes, when you changed over and much more, to the tool sets and the reporting inside the Google Search Console. This is proposed to assist the webmasters and was announced on the official Twitter account.

Firstly, you can easily access to find out what the Google crawler is indexing currently your website by visiting the Google Search Console and opening the settings. In the Settings, you can also see if you’re on the Smartphone or a desktop crawler and in case that you’re on the Smartphone, the Google will represent the date you made the switch.

Alerts Google Search Console: Change in the Top Queries for Your Website

Google is currently sending new, well, not 100 percent new, alerts for the changes in the top queries of your website. You will receive an email from the Google Search Console that will represent either large increases or decreases in the ranking according to the data of the Google Search Console.

Google Search Console Adds Copy and Search Code

On the June 24th, the Google included 2 new features in the Google Search Console’s set of tools. Now you can search for the terms within the code in the tools and you can also easily copy the code in the testing tools. This is working in numerous of the tools counting Rich Results, URL Inspection tool and the AMP test.

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  1. Uptasker - 1st July 2019 Reply

    Thanks for article – what is the Rich Results that you are referring to? How is the code being searched?

  2. Harish Kr. Vaishnav - 18th July 2019 Reply

    Thanks for posting such type of article. It is very helpful for me. I am always searching for Goolgle updates. Your article explain that

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