SEO Weekly Roundup 15-21 July

Search engine optimization (SEO) is essential for everyone and anyone who owns a website. The SEO site is likely to outperform competitors and search engines command at around 50% of the online traffic. Staying on top of your website and the ability to track the impact of the changes is priceless for SEO. Whether you are responsible for many sites or business sites, you should be able to know what’s going on and respond with answers and solutions if something goes wrong, and know what you’ve done well to be able to get success.

Google Unofficial Search Ranking Algorithm Update

Google has not confirmed the update of search ranking on July 11/12, which we have reported, but it seems to have some advantages. This means that discussions have increased 100% after the weekend and appear to be associated with the primary update. But this news is not confirmed by Google. There seems to have been another shake yesterday, the volatility of the ratings being again a little crazy. Without Google’s confirmation, it seems not to be a major kernel update, but maybe a little update that produces some kind of disruption. Maybe it was a small update of the June 2019 main update or maybe not.

Google has Corrected Missing or Pending Google My Business Listings

The Google My Business listing problem has been tracked, possibly due to comments and other rumors about short names. But as per the guess, the solution was on the way. Greg Sterling of Engine Engine Land state that All non-visible lists had been reestablished.

Update Maverick

Three times in about a week, we see an increase in the number of conversations and tools revolving around an update of Google Search’s ranking algorithm. Yesterday morning, the gossip has increased again and many tools also show significant fluctuations in the ranking of Google.

Local Search Engine Optimization Say Google My Business Suspension Problems Have not been Resolved

The other day, it was reported that Google My Business issues had been resolved, according to Google. Well, many local SEO companies say that’s not true. The statement of Greg Sterling may not be true.

Google has Fundamentally Fixed Recipe Rich Results Errors

In April, issues with Google’s recipe rich results were reported. It was a problem because the recipe sites were starting to lose their rich results and their collective cards. Well, June 28, two months or so after the problem, it seems that Google has solved the problem. Jeff Hawley worked on the problem closely and confirmed that the problem is almost solved.  According to him, there were some problems at 6/25, but at 6/28, they have seen a first major improvement. The problem is not clear. According to these sites, they should not do anything particular to make this mistake or bug recover. Google seems to have been investigating for some time now, but nothing has happened in months.

Google My Business Deletes the Recovery Reinstatement Request Form

The form is backup, so it can be a minor technical problem. It appears like Google is not capable to handle all the problems of Google Maps. They suspend a business that should not be suspended. They claim that the suspension was fixed but was not. Now Google My Business deletes reinstatement request form.

Google News Might Violate the Guidelines of Google’s Webmaster by Keeping their Stories Unblocked

It seems that Google not only indexes but also ranks Google News search result pages and landing pages in Google Search. This happens shortly after Google removed Bing Discovery’s search pages from the index allegedly as it violates the webmaster guidelines to not index search result pages. Google’s guidelines specifically state to Use a robots.txt file on your webserver to manage your analytics budget by avoiding tracking unlimited spaces, such as search results pages.

Google’s Algorithms are not Powerful Enough to Judge the Reality of the Name of the Author

At every E-A-T discussion, many SEOs develop the author’s authority who writes on their websites. But what if the authors do not want their names to appear? Asaf Bernstein asked Google’s John Mueller about using the real names of authors as opposed to a pseudonym. He said that Google’s algorithms control the realness of the names of the authors who use them. This was posted on Twitter, but the additional point of interest is that although Google does not have an algorithm to determine if the author’s name is real, you can figure it out and take care.

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