SEO Weekly Roundup 11 Nov – 17 Nov

Site Ranking Changes Due to Recent Core Algorithm Update by Google

A publisher, in his tweet, mentioned that he used to be ranked within the top three results by Google having some really good traffic. Now, after the new BERT update released by Google in November, as per his text, he has lost about 40 percent of his traffic.

The original tweet from the desperate fellow was, “The Google BERT update affected two of my websites and traffic dropped by 40%. The only thing I’m doing is following Google’s guidelines, I haven’t built a single link and I’m focused on creating content… the site ranked in the top three and traffic was getting better day by day. But after BERT the site moved to the fourth and fifth page for the main keywords and the longtail keywords remaining unchanged. My site is the best user experience with average user stays are five minutes. What’s happening here?”

Replying to this, John Muller explained that these changes cannot be related to BERT because its major impact is on queries and questions and it plays no part in ranking a website.
In his own words, “Maybe, first of all, this would not be from BERT. The BERT changes are particularly about understanding user queries better and around being able to understand the text better in general.

So, it’s not that we would say that suddenly your page is less relevant. But rather with BERT we would try to understand does this question that someone is asking us, does it match this website best. And usually, that’s for more complicated questions. The thing to keep in mind is that we make changes all the time. We’ve made several core algorithms changes as well over the… last month or so, which kind of overlap with the rollout of BERT as well.”

Further explaining, John Muller of Google tweeted that although BERT has not been the reason for decreased readings, the only reasons he can think of are the massive and regular changes they make to their ranking algorithms.

Structured Data and Your Website’s Ranking

Another publisher, later that day, asked about the structured data of a website and whether it plays a role in increasing the rank of a website. Google’s very own, John Muller responded, “With regard to using structured data in general for ranking, I think that’s kind of tricky. So, on the one hand, we do use structured data to better understand the entities on a page and to find out where that page is more relevant.”

Basically, what structured data type of SEO ranking does is that it follows your website just as a normal visitor would and then evaluates it on the basis of content quality, readability, loading speeds, and relatability.

Chrome Will Badge Websites With Low Speeds

In the recent update, it has been confirmed by Google that their most celebrated browser, Chrome, will now do better performance in delivering high-speed web browsing experience as well as improving the overall web quality at the same time.

For starters, it is a good step towards ranking only the best websites first in the top search results and provide an enhanced version of the web to the general visitors.


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