SEO Weekly Roundup 08-14 July

So, there is a lot of things happening in SEO on a daily basis. We have seen a lot of updates in the past and there are a lot of more updates coming your way.

Google Dropped Bing Discover Pages From Index But Was There Traffic Drop?

The SEO world is very active about how Google appears to have removed the Bing’s Discover part in the search result pages of the Google index. A tweet from Edd Wilson was added on the July 4th and then many other websites also picked it up. The Bing Discover is actually a portal on the that gets a lot of traffic from Google referral.

We recognize that from a long time Google does not wish to index the search results pages that’s basically what these pages are.

Google Suggests the Google Assistant When You Search for Jokes

Well, if you open Google and search for “jokes” on your cell phone, Google will suggest that you give a try to the Google Assistant. At the topmost of the search results, a box will load that stimulates the Google Assistant into the Google search directly by sharing a joke with you at the top of the Google search.

Google will not show you a list of the websites related to jokes straight away, Google will first show you one of their own jokes with the help of the Google Assistant. Well, we guess that it is a big joke for the websites that make jokes to make a living.

“Your Website Switched to Mobile-First Indexing” Alerts Making Confusion?

If you visit the Search Console on Google and visit a property that’s been switched to the mobile-first indexing, you can notice an alert message sliding up from the right side of the display screen notifying about the changes that you have made. The alert will slide up even you made this switch months ago and Google also emailed you at the same time when you made the switch.

The alert will notify about the change that you have made and also display the date you made the changes on. A lot of individuals have been really confused, they have been asking questions that why are they seeing this alert if they received an email from Google months ago.

Google On Mega-Menus: Not Anything to Be Worried About, So far…

A tweet from John Mueller stated, “How do you feel about the “mega-menus” on e-Commerce sites?” He then also added that there is no secret news coming related to the penalizing of the e-Commerce websites from Google with the mega-menus.

In his tweet, he is asking about the mega-menus, exact to the e-commerce websites. It is possible that maybe the topic came out with the search ranking team and how some websites may be using the mega-menus to somehow manipulate Google? Or maybe it’s not like that? But, John Mueller from Google asked the people about the mega-menus and then he was really quick to mention that there was no announcement waiting on the mega-menus.

Google Search Engine Really Uses URL Parameter Tool Settings

A few days back John Mueller mentioned how exactly is Google finding methods to move the URL parameter tool from the old Search Console to the new kind. Well, he mentioned it over again in an IRL video hangout. He mentioned that it is used many times and the indexing team of Google takes it really seriously, it is one of the fake settings that really does nothing.

Most SEOs Claim that Website UX Impacts Google Rankings

A twitter poll was posted by Dejan the other day and the poll received almost 600 responses within the SEO community. The poll was made asking, “Good UX Impacts Rankings.” The choices to response were “indirectly,” “directly,” or “neither.”

Just 6 percent of people who replied to the survey stated UX, website user experience, didn’t have any kind of impact on the website’s rankings in Google. So, 94 percent of the people believe that UX is something that impacts the rankings. 40 percent of people stated that it affects the rankings directly, while 54 percent said that it affects the rankings indirectly.

Google: Domain Age Doesn’t Matter in Google’s Rankings

John Mueller went to Twitter once again to dispel the myth that the age of a domain doesn’t matter in the ranking algorithms of Google. Any domain can rank well even if it is a new domain.

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