SEO Weekly Roundup 05 -11 August

This week turned into a busy week in search space. There are chances of an exciting update of the Google search engine as well as the launch of some new algorithms. Here is a quick SEO Weekly recap

Signs of a new Google Search Ranking Algorithm Update

There are signs of a new Google search ranking algorithm update both in terms of early conversations within the SEO community and in automated tracking tools to update the Google search rankings. The update may have already started last night but, assume that the update is uncertain on August 1st. Google has not announced any major updates today, but anything can happen. The previous update of August 1st, 2018 named as a medic update that took place on August 1, 2018. It was confirmed as a major update by Google. This update is not as uncertain (currently) as of August 1, 2019, as it was a year ago, so there are no needs to panic.

Google has not confirmed smaller key updates

We are sitting here and wondering about the update as well as some that took place in July, Google remained silent on these uncertain updates. Google is currently publishing some tips on major updates and states that they are constantly updating their search algorithms, including the smaller major updates, and the reason behind not announcing these is because they are not widely used. As a result, these major updates occur every few months, while the smaller key updates are more common. Google groups the smallest major updates with constant updates. Google said they did not announce all major updates, especially the smaller ones as they are not normally noticed. These can be only noticed by SEO.

Google has launched a Freshness Algorithm for premium snippets in late February

Google confirmed that at the end of February, a new algorithm was launched to ensure that the featured snippets present the most accurate, timely and fresh answers to the query. A new update of the algorithm improves the understanding of useful information and the systems that are out of date according to Pandu Nayak of Google.

Bing: We are updating our guidelines for webmasters, what is not penalized enough?

Bing will update the guidelines of the Bing webmaster. As part of this process, Frederic Dubut de Bing asked about the suspicious tactics that you feel are not yet penalized enough. Generally, you receive comments on the current document before you begin. Frederick Dobot said the team would bring the guidelines both the letter and the spirit sounding like a party big refresh.

Google’s recommended clips play in search and no longer allow you to access YouTube

Google has recently changed this option. So, the suggested section, in which Google search takes you to some of the videos with the answer you’re looking for, no longer leads you to Instead, it is installed on a modal window, which plays the video in a black frame on Google’s search results.

Google: there’s nothing like LSI keywords

You should like John Mueller of Google. He said that LSI keywords are nothing. But we saw that SEO had already been used in this discussion, to see the topic where it was said. LSI keywords seem to have become a less important and more important authority when talking on changing the algorithm. It’s illogical to say this and the statement of John is also strengthening it.

Does Google My Business have people looking for a feature?

In local search forums, Keyser Holiday shared screenshots showing how the local knowledge panel also encouraged people to search, as well as a list of companies. Even more curious, you can also edit the content of what people are looking for too.

Google deletes references to PageRank and 200 signals in the Disavow Help Doc

The disavow backlinks help document in the Google Help Center backlink help document included a section on PageRank and how the PageRank is one of Google’s 200 signals for ranking. This help document has been updated in recent months and both references have been removed. Now, there is no mention of this in this document. The document itself has been so updated that it cannot say anything. If you think about it, you can delete these references from the document.

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