SEO Weekly Roundup 01-07 July

SEO weekly recap is very important as it helps to analyze and evaluate what are the search trends, analyzes the latest news in SEO. Many things happen in search on a daily basis. Because of this, it is very difficult to keep up with these things. SEO weekly recap will ensure that you do not miss any of the important parts.

Google makes exclusion of robots protocol a real standard

Google’s webmaster channel is releasing a series of posts about Robots Exclusion Protocol. Putting this all together, Google declared last week that after 25 years of partnership, Google is now working with webmasters, Martijn Koster, and different other search engines to make robot exclusion protocol a formal standard.

Google removes all support for crawl-delay, no robots.txt index and nofollow

Google announced this week that it will unofficially stop to accept crawl-delay, nofollow and noindex directives within the in robots.txt files. Google suggested that it would happen very soon and it happened finally.

Google Webmaster Report for July 2019

Here is an excellent summary of last month’s changes to Google search and webmaster issues, as well as a summary of the most important aspects. This month, they had the main update of June 2019 and the diversity update implemented earlier this month. Google announces that it will probably announce these updates in the future.

Google may not disable any other features of the Search Console

Google’s John Muller gave a hint that the old features of the Google Search Console would not be disabled. According to him if they thought it was not important, we would have already turned off. This type of directory indicates that the remaining features of the old Search Console will be migrated somehow to the new Search Console.

Google says that old posts are still relevant sometimes, but not in this example

John Muller, from Google, said something on Twitter and said that sometimes posts from the year 2014 are related. The date is not a single factor for ranking but the problem is that the example given is not really the case and the article is not that relevant today.

Google Featured Snippets More Images Section

For years, Google has occasionally shown important snippets where the text comes from a site, yet the image that appears in the featured snippet actually comes from another site. It seems that Google is testing or showing more section of images in featured snippets. A number of reports from people have seen this in the last 24 hours.

Google Images Makes It Easier To Share the GIFs

Everyone loves GIFs and that Google is now facilitating GIF sharing more easily than ever before that are found in the Google Image Search. Google said it is here, this means it will be there. How will this feature be helpful in SEO? It is doubted that it helps you to relax and smile a bit after running Google Update.

Google Ads API Goes Back Into Beta

Your feedback on the performance of Google products is very important for them. After launching Google Ads API in the month of March, however, they have heard some comments on the slow response times to the AdWords API. In the month of March, Google Ads API was launched in a production environment. But last week, Google decided to remove it and put it back in the beta state. Google said it is because of the performance issues. But moving from beta to production and vice versa is quite strange.

Google Maps launches place topics

In the last week, Google introduces place topics that use data based on the reviews to provide summary information about what distinguishes customers from their business. Basically, it summarizes the comments left by the clients into tags.
This can be used by potential customers, where they can see the main topics of your business at a glance. As the place topics are based on the feedback of customers, as business owners do not need to manage this feature, everything is automatic. Of course, if place topics say anything you do not like, it can be a problem.

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