SEO News 4th June 2020

SEO Updates 4th June 2020

1. Clicking on Featured Snippet takes you to the Text on the Webpage

Next time, or maybe by the time this article goes online, when you click a featured snippet, Google will take you directly to that part of the web page that contains the snippet text.

featured snippet

A featured snippet is an element of the SERP, where Google provides users with concise information in response to the search query right on top of the search engine results. Most of the time, users find the relevant information in the featured snippet and don’t need to visit any of the other results.

However, those who want to dig deeper to find more information can click on the web link and explore further.

But users often had to look through the entire page to find the text displayed in the featured snippet.

All of that, Changes Now

Google will take the user directly to that part of the page that contains the text displayed in the snippet. 

Not only that, but the text will also be highlighted for the user’s convenience.

featured snippet 1

featured snippet 2
Featured snippets will now be highlighted on the webpage from which they are sourced, and the text will be highlighted.

What it means for Users and Webmasters

Users can now skip through all the ads, CTAs, and other content on the page, to directly jump to the relevant text.

featured snippet 3

Webmasters, on the other hand, need to be wiser with the placement of the ads and CTAs to attract relevant impressions and clicks.

And for those of you who rely on web traffic generated from breaking news and latest stories, well, there is some good news. Read on.

2. Google Working on Fixing Indexing Issues

Many sites that rely on the latest news and breaking content to generate traffic were in for a loss of traffic due to the ongoing Google indexing issues.

Resultantly, SERP showed stale results, and the new content published by even large publishers went ignored causing a lot of confusion among webmasters.

However, Google confirmed the indexing issues in a tweet, and also to the fact that it is working on it to find a solution.

google index

We hope the problem is soon fixed and the traffic restored. In the meanwhile, click here if you feel the need for more information.


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