SEO Monthly Recap – July 2019

2019 has been an exciting year for SEO, with many important updates to Google search algorithms, major changes to Google’s management team, indexing the first mobile devices, and more. Here is a quick SEO recap of this month for you

Maverick update slows down

It’s amazing the number of days with Google updates. There were variations on 11th, 12th, and 16th of July, then more fluctuations in Google search results on the 18th of July. Google did not confirm or reject these updates, so the community called them Google Maverick.

It seems that since the last days, things have calmed down considerably. Things seem to have soothed down, but it’s been a crazy week or something, and Google does not provide any information on what happened.

YMYL sites must have an expert content writer

John Mueller, of Google, spoke about YMYL, especially in the health field, and said that if you write about a health problem you are not expert at, it means you are starting with a weak foundation.  He said it would be logical for the people to find experts to write or review the content to make it real and reliable. It’s the content that you want to put at ease and that your friends can share with other friends. John also said that the ranking team always told him that it is better to improve the content than to delete it. However, it is not always possible to do it and discussed ways to delete content by not indexing it or removing it. In either case, Google will now rate your website based on the content currently displayed and process that information again.

Google indexing problems for some publishers

Many publishers report that Google is failing to index publishers of Google News and other sites. Most sites do not seem to have a problem, but many publishers have reported issues. Google said it would investigate the problem. There are also many complaints in the Google News help forums. This has been going on for over a week.

Google’s search results are half blank and the cut off error has worked well

Google has confirmed that the working on error fixing is under process and affecting certain search engines where only partial search results would be displayed. Some search results seem to have been cut off. This problem lasted three days and seems to affect some Google Apps users. Google has posted SearchLiaison on Twitter as the company is working on a solution.

Half reduced and broken search results pages are fixed

In recent days, some users have been able to download only some of the search results pages. Google said it was working to fix the problem and that late in the night Google solved the problem. As any new complaints since last night, so this can be completely corrected.

Google said it solved the problems previously without resolving it completely, but the Google search forums do not offer new complaints about it.

Google has launched a swipe up feature for the images

You must have heard of a new image feature, i.e. swipe up image feature. Google started testing one of the image search features that allowed you to drag or download an item from an image search result for more information. They started testing it in March 2019 and announced it on Google I / O in May. Google has now launched this feature.

Google Search Console adds AMP on the image result to the performance report

Google said that as the part of swipe to visit the feature of image function, it added a new view of the performance report. Google indicates that it adds a filter AMP on the results of the image to the performance report of the Google search console. Google said that in the coming weeks, publishers can also view their AMP traffic data in Google Images Search Console Performance Report in a new search box called AMP on image result

Google Search ignores the redirect loops

Google Search ignores the redirect loops. John Mueller of Google said Google would ignore referrals to search for it because it boycotted. The redirect loop occurs when page A refers to page B as a redirect and you also have page B, point A. Both redirect and continue in an infinite loop. Browsers cannot manage them and search bots also don’t want to manage them.

SEO is a reality of this era that is very important and can’t be ignored. Therefore, make sure to consider the monthly SEO recap.

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