SEO Daily News 24th Jan 2020

SEO Updates 24th Jan 2020

1. Google Dataset Search Goes Live

Many things get better with each passing day. Very few get awesome. Google Search is just one of them. With the launch of Google Dataset Search, you can now find data on almost any topic you wish to dig deep into.

What is Google Dataset Search?

Recognizing the presence of millions of datasets across the internet, Google launched the beta version of Dataset Search service in 2018. 

The search service could find data released from governments, sciences, and some news organizations. After having tested the waters with the beta version, Google finally rolled out the service with some additional features which include:

  • Filters to enable data sorting based on the types of datasets viz, tables, images, text, or something else.
  • Filters to categorize data based on free/paid access to it.
  • A map, if the data pertains to a specific geographic area.
  • With due respect to mobile search, mobile-friendly support has been added to the service.
  • Also, the dataset descriptions have been said to be significantly improved.

What’s the Size of the Dataset Pool?

Google has indexed almost 25 million datasets for this search service to afford you a single place to look for the desired data. In fact, if your site or page has data, you can decide whether you want it to be discoverable in the Dataset Search.

How does it affect the life of Site Owners/SEOs?

Since, it is up to you to make the data on your site discoverable in the Dataset Search, you have an additional opportunity to feature in SERPs. 

Just like the majority of governments who make their data public using, you can make use of datasets schema and win yourself a chance to look pretty in search result snippets.

2. Google puts an end to ‘Ads’ and ‘Sponsored’ labels in Flight Search Results

Taking another step towards facilitating a better experience and transparency, Google announced its decision of not wanting to charge for referral links on Google Flights. Starting this month, there will be no ‘Ads’ or ‘Sponsored’ labels that users will see in the flight search results.

Now on, flights will be ranked on the basis of price and convenience which in turn, is based on factors like duration, number of stops, layovers, timing, etc.

3. Confessions of a Veteran Google Webmaster

John Mueller, in a recent tweet shared how he once messed with a hacker who hacked content onto one of Mueller’s sites. Seeing that the content started to rank, he locked the hacker out and replaced the hacker’s links with his own.

Now, whether John is extending an inspiration to site owners for handling hackers or, trying to warn us of the possible consequences of hacking, is something we leave up to your imagination! 


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