PPC Campaigns in 2018

What is the future of PPC campaigns? Will they be worth marketing dollars and efforts? Google would say yes. Throughout 2017 Google AdWords made updates to benefit its paid search customers and the this year only brings more improvements. According to a report just released by Hanapin Forum, The 2017 State of Paid Search, businesses surveyed said they plan to spend more on PPC in 2018 than in previous years. How can you update your PPC campaign for 2018?

Update Your Current PPC Campaign

First things first, review last year’s campaign. A new year is time to reevaluate a campaign and see what worked and what didn’t. Delete the ads that did not bring click-throughs, keep the ones that did and add where you need to. It’s also a good time to try new ad copy. Consumers stop reading your ads after they’ve seen them over and over. Add new images and include new offers to attract buyers. Google AdWords has a campaign called Remarketing Lists for Search Ads. The campaign takes users website behavior and combines it with the search behavior to capture consumers at multiple touch points. Try new things, it will help attract new customers.

Google AdWords

In 2017, Google made many changes to its AdWords Campaigns. This proved Google’s commitment to PPC. Businesses are also committed to Google. In The 2017 State of Paid Search survey, Google AdWords is where most businesses plan to spend most money on paid search followed by Bing Ads, display networks and Facebook. Have you noticed when you search on Google that ads now have an orange Google “Ad” image? The FTC ruled earlier in the year that search engines had to be clearer about what an ad is and what isn’t. You’ll be seeing a lot more of the orange this year. Google AdWords is also experimenting with large banner ads and Image Ad Extensions.

PPC Campaigns

By adding these types of images PPC ads are getting more real estate on the search pages and becoming more appealing to the consumer. These enhancements are not fully implemented yet but Google is starting to play a larger role in PPC.

Mobile for PPC

You’ve heard by now that 2018 is the year of mobile. This is just as relevant for your PPC campaign. According to Bing, 66% of consumers use mobile devices to search for which brands to buy and brand comparison. This means that your PPC ads need to be mobile-friendly. Since users are often location based searching, call and location extensions should be used in mobile PPC ads. Consumers need to have the ability to call or get directions with one click or risk losing them. Mobile will be just as important for PPC, it is vital that your campaign adjust for these devices.

PPC will continue to Grow

PPC ads are going nowhere. In fact, Google has made it even easier to advertise there and since it’s the most used search engine, how can you go wrong? Make the necessary adjustments for 2018 and get mobile and it will be a successful year for your business. If you need help developing your PPC campaign, Contact Us we’ll devise an online marketing strategy for you.

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