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Marketing has evolved over the past decade and it has transformed from the conventional mediums of television and print ads to the more sophisticated online modes. Websites, social media platforms, and search engines have changed the way companies interact with their customers. According to a survey, an average person spends 2 hours and 24 minutes per day in 2020 consuming digital content.

With all the benefits of digital marketing, it has become a major part of the marketing plans of most companies. These comprehensive marketing plans result in an increase in traffic, customer acquisition, and revenues that can be easily measured by analyzing the periodic reports we will be providing you.

We, at MediaNovas, provide you all the digital marketing services that guarantee an engaging experience for your target audience and retain customers by inducing brand loyalty.
The following are some of the services that we excel in. Feel free to contact us for consultation or advice.

SEO Services

Reach your target audience with organic searches
One of the essential driving factors behind the digital marketing strategies of every firm is Search Engine Optimization or SEO. It plays a crucial part in the success of any marketing campaign. We offer effective keyword research, comprehensive industry analysis, on-page optimization, and a complex link building strategy. To know more about our winning four-dimensional strategy that helps increase revenue for businesses, click here.

Social Media Management

Create loyal customers through social media interaction
With the enhancement in technology and a rise in access to internet facilities, online marketing mediums gained much popularity. One such medium which has completely changed the landscape of online marketing is Social Media Marketing. Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Pinterest present enormous opportunities for the marketing of products or services. To know more about our step-by-step approach that builds the perfect social media marketing strategy,
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Content Writing

Engaging content that goes viral with its quality
In today’s online world, generating leads and traffic to your webpage could sometimes get tiresome. Delivering meaningful, engaging, and relevant content to your audience is at the center of our content writing and blogging strategy. We, at MediaNovas, provide you with the best services that keep your audience engaged with the most relevant, grammatically correct, plagiarism-free, and fully optimized website content. To know more about our content management and blogging services, click here.

Online Reputation Management

Manage online content and take control of the online conversation
According to Edelman Insights, two of the three people view the internet as the most reliable source of information. It has gotten extremely easy for anyone to publish information – negative or positive – on the internet through blogs, online forums, social media sites, review sites, etc. You’ve worked hard to establish your good name. Don’t let sneaky competitors, unhappy customers, or disgruntled employees tarnish what you’ve fought so hard to build! To know more about our online reputation management services, click here.

Pay Per Click Marketing

Great way to drive more leads and sales without waiting
According to an estimate, 97% of online experience begins with a search engine, but 41% of the clicks go to the top three paid ads on the search results page. Are you looking for a way to give your website an immediate boost to attract the target audience? A well-crafted and high-performing pay-per-click campaign can help you achieve your marketing goals.
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Responsive Web Design

Attractive and customized web design that fits with your product or service
Developing a responsive and adaptive web design to make your website highly interactive is at the heart of our web design services. We, at MediaNovas, understand the importance of a website that resonates with the overall marketing strategy of a company. For the purpose, we have developed a 4-Step Web Design Approach that will help you create high-quality and visually pleasing web designs.
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Email and Mobile Marketing

Develop relations with prospects and customers through email marketing
An effective email marketing strategy will significantly impact the success of your marketing campaign. It helps in the conversion of prospects into customers and benefits the businesses sustain the competitive environment through customer retention. With our team of dedicated email marketing experts, it’s easier to set up an email marketing campaign that works best for your business.
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Google Penalty And Link Spam Removal Service

Uplift and recover your website with our link spam removal service
Google regularly updates and refines its algorithm. If your website has seen a sudden drop in rankings or traffic, it may be due to one of the updates that Google rolled out. The recovery can be difficult if you violated Google’s guidelines but it is certainly attainable. At MediaNovas, our dedicated team of experts with years of experience in all types of Google penalties can successfully recover your rankings to regain organic trust. To know more about our Google Penalty and Lin Spam Removal Service, click here.


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