Now You Can Find Love on Facebook via Facebook Dating

Move aside Tinder, Malaysians (and soon everyone all over the world) can now find love on their favorite social media platform, Facebook!

If you haven’t heard already, Facebook has announced a ton of new changes recently that they will be rolling out this year, including the change of its logo! We will get into that in the coming articles. But for now, let’s look at this exciting new feature – Facebook dating!

So what is Facebook dating? The short answer (and the only answer you really need) is that it is a platform that allows its (Facebook) users to find suitable match on social network based on common interests and shared group.

It was first launched in Columbia in September 2018, and now, Malaysia is one of the 14 countries that have this app.

If you’re interested in checking out this app, we’ll guide you along the way.

facebook dating

Let’s get started.

First, opt in by clicking in the notification when it appears in your News Feed.

  • You dismissed it the first time without reading to see what it was, no worries, click on the menu icon and you should see the “Dating” option
  • Still can’t find it? Go to your profile page and click on the top right icon. Click again till you see a Heart icon.
  • Set up your dating profile. Before you even think “oh no, will my friends find out about this”, no worries, your dating profile is totally separated from your Facebook profile and is hidden from your contact list.


Profile setting

Setting up your profile is pretty straightforward:

  1. Your gender
  2. Gender(s) you want to be matched with
  3. Your dating location
  4. Choose your profile photo

You may also want to add a brief introduction about yourself to your profile and a few more photos (up to 11!) to spice up your profile. Aside from this, you also have an option to answer one of the 20 questions listed to be added into your profile. Such as a hidden talent, what’s guaranteed to make you laugh and so on. You know.. the stuff people talk about during their first date.


Dating settings

Once your profile is up and running, you’ll then need to set up your dating preference in order for Facebook to find you your perfect match. The preferences describe the people you’d like to be matched with and are used in Facebook algorithm to find matches for you. Some of the preferences are as follows:

  • Gender of people you’re interested in
  • Age range
  • Dating location
  • Distance of dating location
  • Children
  • Religious views
  • Height

You are also able to control your account from here, such as people you blocked, pause matches and even to delete your dating account.

By the way,  if you are wondering why we are not offering any screen shot, that’s because we aren’t able to take any! That’s how secure this platform is!

For now, you’ll probably get a message saying Facebook isn’t suggesting people in your area yet (well that is because this platform is so new). But once it does, you will be getting notification so that you will be able to see them in your dating app.


How does Facebook Dating work?

So how the app works is that you will first be presented with events happening in your area, as well as groups that Facebook believe you may be interested in based on your profile. Once you join these groups or events, your dating profile will be visible to other event attendees or group members who match your preferences. When Facebook finds you suitable matches, you can click on their profiles to learn more about them. And if you find someone you like, you can start a conversation with them by clicking “interested”.

Messaging is limited to only text. No images, photos or links allowed. And because Facebook Dating separated from Facebook, messaging is also done separately, away from Messenger. This way you can rest assured that your main Facebook profile is still kept private.

Care to give this “zero swiping needed” dating app a try? Let us know how it compares with your favorite dating app!


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