New AdWords Normal: Google Limits Search Terms Report Information for Advertisers

At a time when advertisers and brands are trying hard to cope with the new ‘economic normal’ Google seems to be intent at making this task harder.

The Ever-so Transparent Search Engine – Google

Up until now, we have known Google for its user-friendliness and transparency.

Whether it was about the recent image licensing to respect publisher rights, or regarding disabling reviews on GMB accounts to prevent COVID-related rumors, Google has kept the user interest in focus.

A 180o Turnaround

But with the recent announcement from Google about the changes in the AdWords report, there seems to be everything but advertiser interests at the heart of it.

Google announced that the search terms report will now “only include terms that are searched by a significant number of users.”

What does this mean for advertisers?

Before this update, advertisers could see search terms with as low as one impression or just one click. Post the update, all of this will change.

If a search term does not invite a ‘significant’ number of actions, it will be eliminated from the report.

What is the ‘Significant’ Number?

That’s something we are anticipating to know. As of now, Google has not attached a numeric value to this term. So, we don’t know yet what the cut-off will be.

Impact on Search Terms Report

The change is said to remove 20% of the visibility into the report and have a pronounced impact on ad spends and marketing budget.

Consider an instance where your ad invited just a single click or, at best, an impression for a term. Not having access to this term/ad word means that you will not be able to add this term to your negative keyword list and it will continue to bleed the budget in its own small way.

Now imagine having several such queries across multiple campaigns. That’s a huge leakage of funds which was avoided earlier.

But Why this Decreased Visibility?

The reasons cited by Google are that of data privacy and user data protection.

While it is difficult to digest how this tiny, yet relevant, piece of data can be the only cause of user privacy compromise, it is quite a possibility that this could be a step towards improving Google revenue which has taken a hit, of late.

New AdWords Normal




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