Meta Description Provides Content Summary to Google

What is Meta Description?

An important task of SEOs is to integrate techniques through which a website’s content could be optimized. One such technique is creating the right meta description which doesn’t help with rankings but it can increase your click-through rate (CTR) significantly.

A meta description provides a summary of what is important on a website page’s content. It helps Google understand what the page is about.

In a recent tweet by Google’s Martin Splitt, he said: “Well, they (meta descriptions) and the title are making up the first impression of what someone searching sees from your site and helps Google Search to get a short summary of what you consider important about the page.”

Significance of Meta Descriptions

Besides increasing a site’s CTR, crafting a perfect meta description will also drive more traffic to your website and it will also improve conversation rates since it will be closely related to the content of the page which will generate user interest. About 160-165 characters are considered to be the best SEO practice while creating a meta description.

Is it a Ranking Factor?

John Mueller (Google Webmaster Trends Analyst) restated, in a tweet, what Google continues to maintain that meta description is not a ranking factor.

Meta Description provides Content Summary to Google


When combined with the title element, meta description provides a top-level summary of the webpage so that Google understands the content. In this way, the search engine can show the most relevant results to the users which will drive more traffic to your webpage and it will also increase conversions. There is also a significant increase in the click-through rate (CTR) if the perfect meta description is crafted.




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