Merging Online and Offline Marketing Strategies to Make Your Brand Stronge

You can buy your clothes online, bid on that must-have item, look up medical information and even order dinner.  While you can do anything online, we live offline!  All of these goods and services are being provided to people who exist in the real world.  In many cases you’re pushed by an offline influence that drives you online.  This is why your offline marketing is an important part of your marketing efforts and can be used to help promote your online presence.  We’ll show a few ways that you can merge your online and offline marketing strategies to make your brand stronger.


Your print and TV advertising should have a call-to-action for your audience. This form of advertising should do more than show off a product or service.  Use it to send them to your website, blog or social media site.  Ask customers to like you on Facebook, follow you on Twitter, Instagram or Pintrest.  Once they reach your online sites it will fulfill the call-to-action.  Hashtags play an important role in this as well.  You can start whole promotions and product followings by creating a clever hashtag.  In reverse, use your Twitter account with the same hashtag to promote offline activities.

Promoting Offline Events

Most businesses have offline events, be it a trade show, contest, promotion, concert, lecture, etc.  Utilize your social media sites and website to help promote these events.  On your registration forms and/or promo pieces include a website, Facebook page or a catchy hashtag.    Leading them online gives you the opportunity to provide them with valuable online content.  By using your Twitter handle with that catchy hashtag, you can provide updates of the event as its happening. After it’s over, load videos and sound bites to your social media sites.

QR codes

QR codes, or Quick Response codes, those barcode squares on products and promotional items, you see them everywhere nowadays.  Customers just use their smartphones to scan in the code and are linked to an online presence.  While you can take your customer to your landing page, you really want them to take action, it’s more advantageous to send them to a site that requires them to take part in a survey, be entered into a contest or asked to “like” you on social media sites.  It is an easy way to drive traffic to your online sites and keep them involved in your brand.

Offline marketing is a vital component to any marketing strategy.  Offline efforts can be used to drive people online, while using your online marketing to promote offline events.  Merging your online and offline efforts will make your marketing strategy stronger as well as your brand, Contact Us, to get started on your campaign today.

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