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The laws of attraction are hard to deny… even when it comes to companies and their websites. You can dress up all you want, but if you aren’t in the right place at the right time, odds are you won’t make a connection. A good web design may be a start, but how do you get noticed? One solid tactic is to couple a fresh web design with a solid SEO, or search engine optimization program.

Drawing attention:
According to, 75% of users never scroll past the first page in a search. So there’s no denying that getting your site to the top is crucial. A search engine optimization program, when done well, can position your site high on the list.

But remember, when it comes to determining your ranking, search engines look not only for key words, but also for fresh content in your web design. So, update your site with reviews, blogs, and new postings. Those blogs should contain keywords related to your services, and should be selected based on researched competition, as well as the number of searches performed monthly.

Blogging can help drive your site to the top of the search page, but there are certain violations that could cause your blog to be flagged, down-ranked, and even pulled by the search engine. There are other SEO violations that could cause you trouble… they involve over-optimization of your site. Read here for more.

Be patient:
Statistics show that SEO success is much like any relationship – things really take off initially, success continues at a lower level for a few months, then, with continued effort, will climb again. According to recent data, SEO programs can yield as much as a 300% growth over 6 months.

Take this information with a grain of salt. It requires a continued, joint effort to possibly land those kind of increases. Companies that only engage in on-site SEO saw a large initial increase in traffic, which then dropped off dramatically after 2 months.

Those with only off-site SEO company programs may start off with slightly lower rate of success, but will see a sharper increase as results climb steadily between the 3- 5 month mark. The take-away… marrying efforts of on-site and off-site SEO could provide you with promising results in a more consistent pattern.

Make the effort:
While you may have success initially, be certain to work on the relationship between your SEO and your website to keep it going.

* Conduct a regular audit of how your efforts are working.
* Evaluate, and determine if your website design still offers what people want.
* Assess whether you need to make any changes, and then implement them.

Making a vow to put forth the effort should bring the relationship between SEO and your website to the next level… and to ‘happily ever after.’

Alex D.

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