Leverage the Power of Google My Business to Boost Content & SEO

Using Google My Business is pretty simple, right? 

Well… no. It’s not as simple as you assume it to be if you want to use it to your SEO and content advantage.

To most people, GMB is all about creating a business-post to gain visibility in local searches.

But there is a lot more, that you can achieve through the GMB posts. In this short post, we share all that you can and should do with your GMB posts that will give you a greater mileage on the content and SEO front.

Google My Business: The Missing Piece in your Content Strategy

Businesses of every size, belonging to every sector, invest in SEO and eagerly look forward to improving their organic rankings.

However, overnight changes in SERP rankings rarely happen and it takes a while for businesses to feature on top and grab their customers’ attention.

But the GMB posts are quite the opposite.

Attract Visitors

A 2019 BrightLocal study of 45,000 anonymous local business listings suggests that, on average, businesses receive 943 Search views and 317 Maps views every month.

Isn’t then the GMB listing, and adding regular updates to it a potential source of traffic that deserves attention?

The GMB posts and related content thus help you attract eyeballs without having to go through the challenges of racing up the Google SERP rankings. 

Pack the Punch of the Local 3-Pack

Another reason marketers should post regularly on GMB is to earn a spot among the coveted local 3-pack.

Did we hear “Local 3-pack?” 

Well… for the unaware, the local 3-pack features the top 3 business listings for related search terms. If this 3-pack is not reason enough to create posts, very few others can be.

And did you just say, “Frequency?” 

Good question, we’d say. The ideal frequency of posts would be once every 7 days as it helps grow local attention and engagement for the brand. 

Optimize the Listing

Imagine attracting traffic to your listing with a missing contact number or, address. 

What a loss!! It would be painfully heart-breaking to see users miss calling your store or, visiting it just because you did not optimize the listing.

Optimizing the listing is beneficial also because it signals Google to view it as an appropriate response for related searches.

Let Reviews Speak for Your Brand

Guess we all have relied on reviews at some point or the other. So, it’s understandable that reviews play a crucial role in generating trust for a business.

Therefore, always take time to respond to each review, whether positive or negative.

And now the million-dollar question-what kind of content is appropriate for GMB posts?

Content for GMB Posts

The content to start with, as we said, is the GMB listing. Ensure all information is accurate so that it helps the customer reach out to you.

As with any other form of content, the purpose of content here is important. Any visitor at your GMB listing is there with a sound purpose, the nature being more transactional.  

So, posts related to offers and special discounts can put you above competitors there.

Allow visitors to envision the experience they should look forward to. Maybe an introduction to the team, say the top chefs and their speciality for a restaurant, top-selling salespersons for a retail store, or a product tour could make for an interesting post.

Make it vivid. Say it with multimedia content. Post pictures of the interiors of your business and the teams along with videos, wherever possible.


And with all the focused effort, your GMB listing should attract attention and generate views, clicks, and visits to your business. We would like to once again mention what you already know but may forget when faced with the effort of creating posts.

Put yourself in the shoes of your customer and imagine what would make your journey to the store easy. The same elements that make a business look authentic and generate trust and make you look forward to the store visit are, what your prospective customers are looking for.


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