Key Benefits of Mobile Apps For Business – Mobile Marketing Strategy

In our mobile marketing blog post last week, we provided several interesting and compelling stats regarding the state of mobile.  According to data released by Comscore, an internet technology company providing digital analytics, 125 million people in the U.S. now own smartphones, up nearly 29% in just the past year.  Clearly, in today’s mobile world, businesses need a mobile site in an effort to better serve their customer and encourage conversions.

In addition to a mobile site, companies looking to promote their brand and increase conversions need a mobile marketing strategy that includes mobile apps. With a mobile site and an innovative mobile marketing strategy incorporating mobile apps and location-based marketing, businesses will be ready to compete in today’s brave new world of m-commerce.  Here are some key benefits of adding mobile apps to a company’s mobile marketing strategy:

Benefits to customers

Mobile apps provide customers with instant contact information.  Instead of having to search online for directions or phone numbers, customers can reach your brick-and-mortar location or call you instantly with a tap of the screen.  Other benefits for customers include:

      • Instant appointment scheduling
      • Access to store inventory
      • “Insider info” on product launches, or event details
      • Instant access to customer service
      • Exclusive offers and promotions


Send targeted push notifications where customers will notice

Mobile apps give businesses the ability to send push notifications containing ads, offers and promotions.  Smartphone users reported noticing ads the most while in an app, with 48% of users noticing ads in apps.


Businesses need to consider the potential ROI of this scenario, with mobile apps giving companies the ability to send targeted ads to highly interested parties where they are most likely to notice them.

Data and Analytics

Businesses can also benefit from data and analytics they can obtain from mobile apps.  For example, offers can be targeted to customers that have made a purchase, but not in the last six months.  Businesses can utilize geo-targeted marketing strategies by sending offers based on users physical location using GPS technology.  Companies can send notifications or incentives to customers based on shopping habits or cart abandonment.

Brand Awareness

Mobile apps can also increase brand awareness, as they will be seen in the app store and also on the home screen of users’ phones.  They also help create customer loyalty by providing benefits to customers including, but not limited to, ease of use, access to exclusive offers and instant customer service and support.

Obviously, mobile Apps have a plethoraof benefits for businesses and companies of all sizes should consider mobile apps to enhance their mobile marketing strategy.  With data showing that consumers have increased their use of smartphones to access retail-related information by 50% in the past year alone, the time is now for businesses to get invested in mobile marketing and mobile app development.

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