How Local Businesses Can Keep Customers Updated and Engaged during COVID-19

These are tough times for all businesses. Amidst lockdown and subdued customer interest, it is a challenge to keep them engaged and updated.

Here are some communication strategies and tips that local businesses can follow to maintain customer interest.

1. Inform Customers

Using your website to inform and update customers about the precautionary measures you have taken during COVID-19, how you would be keeping your staff safe, and help prevent the spread of infection is a great way to let your customers know that you care for their health.

A banner or pop-up to inform about changes in operational hours, delays, pick-up, or delivery options will help customers plan their purchases and store visit accordingly.

The use of COVID-19 relevant FAQ about the business and its operations will also be helpful as will be an update on stock availability. Using Schema markup for changes or cancelation of events would further help customers.

2. Use Email to Your Advantage

It’s time to get your creative juices flowing. We know it’s difficult when gloom engulfs our environment, but it is important to be creative in your communication.

It’s been quite a while since the virus took over our lives. At such a late stage, sending bland emails with Coronavirus updates, or precautionary measures will land your emails into junk/spam folders.

At a time when the majority of the population is working remotely and looking for ways to stay entertained, dry emails make little sense. Adding a touch of humor, and dollops of entertainment would go a long way in keeping them engaged and getting your brand etched in their memory for a while.

3. Make Sure Your Google My Business Profile is Updated 

Quite a few customers still might be looking for business information online.

GMB is a great way to keep them informed on this. You can create a COVID-19 post sharing all relevant updates and information.

4. Refrain from Asking for Reviews

Google has disabled addition and approval of any new reviews till the COVID-19 tide does not recede. The fate of any new reviews added post this ban is still unsure. It is therefore advisable to refrain from asking for reviews from customers.

5. Get Social

Now that you have more time from running the business, you can try engaging customers on social media.

For instance, a gym reportedly had its members post videos of their workout at home and tagged other members. Another local school conducted an online storytelling session.

Similar initiatives on social media can get more eyeballs and keep your audience engaged.

6. Don’t Undermine the Importance of Traditional Messaging

Finally, traditional messages like notices or, storefront messages that inform about your availability on call or, in person can go a long way in helping someone in their hour of need.

While there could be many other ways to keep information flowing and the audience engaged, the above-mentioned tips are on the top of the list suggested by experts. 

If you have more to share about how you serve your customers in these difficult times, do let us know.


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