Follow Your Passion the Keen Way

We’ve all used the Google search engine and enjoyed its magical ability to conjure up the best responses to our query.

But, what if you didn’t have to look for responses? What if the content was just presented to you? Of course Google still can’t read your mind, then how is this ever going to be possible?

But, it can serve you content if you let it know your interests. 

Sounds good?

We bet it’s going to be a lot more than that.

Introducing… Google’s Content discovery service Keen.

What’s That? And, How does it Work?

Technically, Keen is an experimental web and Android app that draws from machine learning and actively promotes relevant web pages to users.

In simpler terms, you need to share on the app your passion or a hobby or any theme that you have even a slight inclination for. The next step calls for collecting content from the web and people you trust can help you achieve your goal.

So, let’s say you are a bit green-fingered like me and want to set up your terrace garden.

Then you create a ‘keen’ and start pulling in content from all possible useful sources on terrace gardening.

You can decide to be the only audience for it, or make it public and share it.

That’s Great! But How is it Different from Pintrest? 

Good question!

As you create a keen and start saving on it, Google Search and its machine learning start their work and look out for related content and make suggestions.

The longer you have had the keen and more you organize it, better become the suggestions. And these suggestions come from across the web and are not limited to just the Keen platform.

What’s interesting to note is that anyone who is just a newbie, without much of an idea, can also start a keen and start organizing. 

Based on the interest shown, the app will provide suggestions that improve with time.

And what makes it different from any existing app is that

  1. it searches the entire length and the breadth of content available; and
  2. it proactively populates your feed by drawing content from every related site.

Why Should I be Bothered?

As publishers we can look forward to more traffic to our site now. Also, the traffic will comprise of those who have an interest in the topic and are looking for more information.

Further, by sharing the web sources with friends and family on Keen, the possibility of traffic increases.

So, the app is Pinterest and more and has something to offer to both publishers and users alike.


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