Instagram Nametag – New Feature from Instagram

Last Friday, October 5th, Instagram announced the rolling out of their new feature – Nametag. It enables you to share your link via a scannable code on various platforms, email, social media, Whatsapp etc. Or it can even be scanned directly using a phone when you are out and meeting new people who want to follow your IG page.

1. Here’s how to set up your nametag:

  • Go to your profile and click on the menu button at the top right corner
  • Select “Nametag”
  • You can now customize the look of your nametag, by color, emoji or selfie. Click anywhere on the screen to switch between designs.
  • Once you are satisfied with the look of your nametag, you can now share it with friends.

2. Here’s how to share it with friends:

  • Now that you have your nametag, on the nametag screen, click on the share button (arrow key) at the top right corner
  • You will get a popup with all the platform you can share it on. Easy as that!


If you are out socializing with friends, old or new, and would like to follow them on Instagram, instead of having to search for their profiles, you can just scan their nametags instead. Here’s how.

3. How to scan a nametag:

  • Your phone: Open the nametag page and click on “Scan a nametag” at the bottom of the screen. The phone will now be on camera mode
  • Your friend’s phone: Leave the nametag page open to be scanned
  • Your phone: Hover the camera over your friend’s nametag until Instagram captures the nametag. You will now see the person’s profile and can choose to follow

Occasionally you will receive a shared nametag from a friend. Just as you did in step 2. The person isn’t around to hold their phone up for you to scan their nametag. So here’s what you do.

4. How to scan a nametag shared on social media, email or Whatsapp etc:

  • Save the image of the nametag in your phone
  • Open your nametag screen and hit scan a nametag at the bottom
  • Click on album/ gallery at the top right corner
  • Look for the saved nametag image
  • You will now see the Instagram profile of your friend



Easy? Sure. But typing your friend’s IG handle isn’t that hard either. So perhaps this feature is more important to businesses who want to an easier way for people to follow them.  Businesses can now use the nametag feature the same way it would the QR code. It they be printed on posters, flyers, catalogs and even product packaging. So not a bad feature after all!



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