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InMotion Hosting (RM 24.20/mo) 

InMotion Hosting is a company who fast become one of the leaders in the industry, growing very quickly. They aren’t one of those hosting companies who stick to a specific type of hosting to suit a specific type of customer, they provide a huge variety of plans under a variety of different types – including shared, VPS and dedicated hosting. As you can see, this is great as it gives you much more options to choose from. However, are the plans they provide good value for money? Are they reliable? Read further on into our InMotion Hosting review if you want to know more.

Disk Space

Shared Hosting: It’s good to see that InMotion Hosting are offering unlimited disk space and bandwidth as well as free SSL even in their cheapest package.

VPS Hosting: Although the disk space you’ll usually find in their VPS hosting plans is a lot less, there is much more security. This is because RAID 10 has been installed on the server which means that if there is a fault in the hard drive, it shouldn’t lead to data loss and it will significantly reduce the impact it has on your websites and businesses. In terms of actual space, it varies between 75GB and 260GB. Which one should you get? It depends on the websites you own and the amount of resources they take up.

Dedicated Hosting:  Based on the current offers they have, you’re able to get space between 500GB and 3TB SSD depending on which server configuration you select, as well as your budget. If you need more, you could also contact their support team and they’d be able to help get you a custom configuration which suits your particular needs.


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The amount of bandwidth they offer to their customers is actually a lot more than usual web hosting companies. Let’s take a look at the shared hosting plans as an example. For the cheapest plan of RM24.20/month, you will already get unmetered bandwidth usage throughout the whole month you pay for. This is extremely good value for money.

The VPS and dedicated hosting plans InMotion Hosting offer are very similar in nature in terms of the amount of bandwidth you’re allowed to use. When you combine them together, the lowest amount of bandwidth you’re offered is 500GB. This is a fairly standard amount in these terms, especially when you’ll most likely be storing quite a few large websites on them (considering you’re using these types of plans). However, you can get up to 2.5TB of bandwidth if you’re prefer which is an extraordinary amount which most companies will not need unless they have a ton of very popular websites. You should really find out the amount of resources you use now so you can work out how much you need in the new plan you buy from InMotion Hosting.


InMotion Hosting have put a lot of work into their customer support to give you many different ways to contact them and help to solve any problems you may have regarding your hosting account. Perhaps the easiest method they provide is telephone support. Everyone can do this and it shouldn’t take you very long at all to get in touch. This is 24/7, so if you have any issues no matter what time it is where you live, you’ll still be able to get it resolved straight away.

Not everyone likes this method though, some people prefer to stay in the virtual world and there’s nothing wrong with that! You can contact them via e-mail or even live chat if you’d prefer which is also 24/7 so you can expect a relatively quick response depending on the volume of e-mails they’ve received.

However, a good idea that they’ve come up with is an online support forum which is where staff as well as other customers can help to give you advice about any problem you’re having. If it’s something that can be easily fixed on your side, it’s likely that someone will have the answer and will be able to help you with it! There’s also an online knowledge base which will answer the most common problems that occur.


There are a lot of different hosting plans they provide which, as you would expect, come with a range of price tags too. The cheapest plan they provide to date is the Starter plan which costs just RM24.20/month – excellent value for those who are new to websites or for those who just don’t need as much resources as the majority of people.

Small HTML sites and other websites which don’t receive much traffic would be fine on this plan. If you’re still looking for shared hosting, plans can be purchased for RM36.20/month or RM60.40/month which include different specifications and features. You really should take a look at the full list if you want to know more.

Also as you would expect, the VPS plans are a lot more expensive. You can end up saving yourself a ton of money just by paying further in advance. For example, with InMotion Hosting’s first VPS, you can get it for RM121.20/month if you pay every month. InMotion are a popular company who keep on growing, you can trust them to give you the level of customer support that you’re looking for, for the whole duration you’ve paid for.

Of course there will always be those who need a large amount of resources – and this is what dedicated hosting plans for you. Expect to have to pay high no matter which host you choose, it’s no good purchasing one of these plans when the sites you own aren’t making enough money to justify the costs. If, though, this is the most suitable for you to go with, then InMotion Hosting’s cheapest server starts at RM437/month, while most expensive one is RM2149/month.

This may seem like a lot but if you’re making a lot of money online, it’s essential that your websites are safe, secure and that you have the infrastructure to make sure they’re online and running quickly at all times.

Extra Value

No matter which web hosting company you choose to buy from, you need to make sure the extras they give to you are enough to warrant you staying with them. They’re the features that separate your host from the next, the features that can make your site much easier to manage. I

n terms of InMotion’s shared hosting plans, one of the great features that you can receive is a choice of 3 different shopping cart installations. If you’re running your own online store and wish to sell products through it, this can be a life saver as it makes the installation much quicker. By giving you a choice, it also means that you can make a choice based on your personal preferences.

So what other benefits do they provide? In their VPS hosting plans, you’ll notice that you receive a lot of dedicated IP addresses with every purchase. You can use these for a variety of purposes but perhaps one of the best is for search engine optimization. If you’re able to put your websites on separate IP addresses, there’s much less chance of Google penalising your websites due to other websites on the same server. This is a good idea of keeping your sites secure and making money in the long run. A free cPanel license is also included – which is essential these days, this is the most popular control panel available at this time and it’s very easy to use.

In terms of InMotion Hosting’s dedicated plans, a great additional extra is the custom firewall. This is completely free of charge and can help to keep your server protected from viruses, malware and any other dangerous attack that could occur. These could easily ruin your website if you get attacked heavily so you need to make sure you have the software ready to stop any attack that comes your way.

It must be mentioned that although a firewall will significantly help you, you should still know what you’re doing in stopping dangerous attacks on your server because it will not be able to stop each type. For those who need it, SSH access is also given which can be helpful to those who prefer to install custom packages and alter files on the system through this method without using a control panel to do so. This is usually only done by the systems administrator, someone who knows what he’s doing.


After taking all of these factors into account, you can be certain that InMotion Hosting provide you with a very high quality web hosting service. The amount of disk space and bandwidth you’re allowed to use, no matter which plan you choose to buy, is very unlimited and will match your needs.

In terms of pricing, most of their plans are highly competitive and we haven’t even talked about the great customer support they offer when you have a problem. In conclusion, if you’re wanting to buy a new web hosting package, InMotion Hosting should definitely be considered as it seems to be a very reliable and cheap hosting provider.


 Disk space  Unlimited
 Bandwitdh  Unlimited
 Load time Malaysia 416 ms 
 Uptime  99,97%
 C-Panel Yes
 Databases  Unlimited
OS Windows, Linux
 PHP  7.0
 Live chat  Yes

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