Increasing the Visibility and Readership of a Business Blog

Last week we talked about why companies should blog, it increases visibility and boosts sales, this week we’re going to go a little deeper and share some tips on how to increase blog traffic. When writing a blog for any business, the main goal is to get customers and potential customers to read it and share it. That sounds easy, but with so much content and information out there, it’s hard to break through the crowd. We have put together some tips to help increase the visibility and readership of a business blog.

Attention Grabbing Headlines

The headline is the first thing readers will see and is what will make them decide if they want to go any further. That being said, it needs to be good! Grab them right from the start; the title is the most important part of the blog. If it’s not interesting, they will skip right past it. Include keywords but be clear and direct while keeping it short. Write the headline first and be sure to stick to it.

Value-Added Content

There is no substitute for great content. The content is what will keep readers coming back. When developing content, always keep the reader in mind when writing. If a blog tries to do too much the reader loses interest quickly. A blog can be entertaining but it needs to provide value, bottom line. It’s also good to share evergreen content, which is content that may not be late-breaking news, but contains valuable information that is never outdated and can be continuously shared.

Layout and Photos

Photos are vital to any blog. They catch a reader’s eye and help process the subject of the blog. Use photos in every blog. Layout of the blog is just as important as the photos. To make it easier to follow, break the blog up into logical sections and give them titles. Try switching up the format each week too. To keep the blog interesting, make it different lengths, include videos or add bullets, the same format each week gets dull.


Don’t forget the call-to-action at the end of the blog. It can be a question asking for responses, an email address or request to share or follow a link. Make the call-to-action clear and do not ask them to do too many things, but ask that they do something.

Promote It

Links to a blog should be included everywhere, on the company website, social media, in email signatures and even on business cards. Make it easy to share as well. Include “Share” buttons for Facebook, Google+ and Pinterest as well as a “Retweet” button. The goal is to get the content shared and get the readers wanting more. With valuable content and these helpful tips, any business should be able to accomplish that goal.

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