How To Fix Google Cache 404 Error

It has been several months now since people started experiencing a very unpleasant situation when they try to see the cached version of their website pages but instead get an error 404 notification, sometimes even for the entire website. I remember trying to get indexed one of the blog posts fast at the time so i checked few times a day to see if it got cached and seeing the 404 “that’s an error” i thought that Google crawlers were just slow that day.

The unpleasant part was when i started checking my other posts just to see that one after another post was showing error 404 for the cached version, even my money-making pages…even the homepage.

For a moment i was sure i received a manual penalty and that my entire website got de-indexed. The brain doesn’t work that well when panicking, otherwise i would realize that there wasn’t any penalty since all my pages were still present in search results.

Still, something was definitely wrong and i checked to see if others are experiencing anything similar. Apparently, after Google started enrolling “mobile first indexing” a lot of people started getting this error. Finally, John Mueller from Google explained that there is nothing to worry about and that this error won’t affect crawling, indexing and rankings.

Seeing that this issue still hasn’t been resolved and a lot of our clients are still asking us when will they be able to see the cache,  we continued looking for some kind of solution. Again, John Mueller replied to someone on twitter providing a small hack how to be able to see the cache with a small tweak. All you have to do is to edit the URL of the cached version of the page by removing YOUR URL and replace it with

Again, no need to panic, cache is there just not at the URL you can usually see it.

Alex D,

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  1. Napon - 22nd November 2018 Reply

    Thank you for the information I also worry about Google cache error issue.

  2. bkmsolvents - 22nd April 2019 Reply

    we also face same problem

  3. Brian Daleske - 23rd December 2019 Reply

    I am having a problem on it has brought up the message of 404error to it, and I really need it fixed.

    Please does anybody know how to fix it, and if so can they please do so?

  4. Kuldeep Dogra - 20th January 2020 Reply

    How to fix this issue ? I have same problem
    my website is

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