Google’s May 2020 Algorithm Update Rolls Out

If there’s something that thunders through the COVID-19 din and reaches every corner of the world, it is a Google Algorithm Update.

Its royal entry amidst the pandemic has grabbed the attention of the SEO industry.

While the whole industry had been hoping that the Update would occur at a later time once the COVID-19 chaos settles, Google had planned it otherwise.

The May 2020 Core Update

The May 2020 Google Algorithm Update was officially announced on May 4, 2020.

As is typical of the core Updates, it will completely roll out within the next 15 days.

Since January 2020, this is the second such Update confirmed by Google.

As always, some sites will gain while others will lose their coveted places on the SERP. However, one needs to wait for a while to see the real impact of the Update on one’s site.

Silver Lining to the COVID-19 Cloud? 

While most SEOs and site owners see the Update as a guaranteed path to doom post the COVID-19 economic crisis, it may not necessarily be so.

It’s a known fact that companies of all sizes are cutting down staff post the COVID-19 crisis. At such a time, the Update might just prove to be a boon for SEOs.

SEOs and Digital Marketing agencies are definitely more valuable now than ever. Who would want to further lose the already dwindling business due to loss in visibility?

This is where SEOs have a chance to secure their services.

Google’s Advice to All those Negatively Impacted by the Update

If your site loses rankings post the Update, it is time to sit up and see how you can better help users with your content.

Since the last update rolled out in January 2020, there has been a sea of change in the world.

The new world order has very different needs than those during the last update. It is therefore important that you carefully analyze the content in the backdrop of the changes that have ensued in the past months and gear up accordingly. 


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