Google’s Licensable Image Tag: Greater Visibility for Image Owners

Google has always been receptive to voices from web users of all hues and walks. 

In a yet another step to add more transparency to the use of images found across the web, Google has introduced the ‘licensable tag’ to images.

Image owners who prefer licensed usage of their images can indicate their preference and their images will appear with this tag in the Google Image search.

A Collaborative Effort

The Search Engine has collaborated with image creators, stock image providers and digital content associations to come up with a set of new features in the Google Images.

The ‘Licensable Images’ will link to the license details as long as the publisher has made such information available in the form of a structured data markup.

The Structured Data Markup

The bets testing of these features that rolled out now, had started in February 2020. After a full 6 months, the changes are now live.

To be able to make the content licensable, the sites must have image license structured data.

Site publishers can add the relevant markup either with structured data or IPTC photo metadata and can verify if the markup has been implemented correctly using Google Search Console and Rich Results tool.

Impact on Organic Ranking

Whether you decide to add the additional markup to make way for image licensing or decide to let status quo prevail, well, it will have no bearing on your SERP rankings.

Google’s Licensable Image Tag

This is just an additional feature that is good to have if you want your site images to be licensed every time they are used.



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