Google Support for Shipping Details Schema

Google, in its official blog, announced its support to the shippingDetails schema markup.

This will display shipping details in Google Search results. It looks something like this:

Shipping Details Schema

This is an attempt to connect customers that come to Google searching for information with best products, brands, and retailers.

Shipping Details Schema 2

These shipping details will display in the overview and stores tabs for any product result.

However, this feature is available only in the US, in English, and on mobile devices only at present.

To add the markup, retailers will first need to add OfferShippingDetails structured data. Once done, the required properties that need to be added include shippingDestination shippingDestination.addressCountry. 

Apart from these, deliveryTime, deliveryTime.businessDays, deliveryTime.businessDays.dayOfWeek, deliveryTime.cutOffTime, and others mentioned in the Developer document are some of the recommended properties for the schema.

And, in case you don’t want to use the schema, that’s perfectly okay. You can continue to use Google Merchant Center as long as you configure your shipping settings in Google Merchant Center.

What Good is this Change, Anyway?

The markup is a great way for non-Google Merchant Center to communicate shipping details. Cart abandonment due to high shipping charges or delayed delivery time is oftentimes a problem with online shopping that customers come to know of, at the time of checkout. 

With the introduction of this markup, the information will be available to customers at the time of search, thus, helping them make a quicker decision.




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