Google Search News – July 2020

Google provides a monthly summary of the activities around Google Search on its Google Webmasters’ YouTube channel. A video explaining some of the key Google Search News was uploaded on July 31st, 2020 which is specifically useful for webmasters, publishers, and SEOs. Keep scrolling to get some of the latest updates on web stories, an upcoming Google Search ranking factor, mobile-first indexing, new JavaScript documentation, and Google Webmaster video & podcast series.

Web Stories

A Web Story is a visual storytelling format in Google Search results that immerses the user in a tap-through full-screen experience. Web Stories can also appear in Google Images, Discover, and the Google app. It’s easy for users to view them and move onto your website. The format of web stories is created on AMP.

To know how to create web stories on AMP, click here.

web stories on google
How Web Stories appear on Google


There is a relatively new plugin in WordPress which has just been launched. If you want to create web stories in WordPress, there is a built-in plugin in development. You can use the plugin to create web stories directly in your Content Management System (CMS).

An Upcoming Google Search Ranking Factor

Content is the king as far as the rankings of websites in search engines are concerned. Relevant content would rank the highest but what if two or more websites have the most relevant content? In such a scenario, the website with a better user experience would rank better. To build and improve online user experience, a set of foundational metrics called the “Core Web Vitals” is available for website developers. This set of metrics is related to the speed, responsiveness, and visual stability of the website.

Google has announced that these metrics will be a part of Page Experience Benchmark which is an upcoming Google Search Ranking Factor. Besides the Core Web Vitals, it will also use other search signals such as mobile-friendliness, HTTPS security, and the intrusive interstitial guidelines.

The time-frame to start using these benchmarks as a ranking factor is not announced yet but John Mueller said that sufficient time would be given to the webmasters to update their websites according to the new ranking factor.

Mobile-first Indexing

The initial time-frame of Google for enabling the mobile-first indexing for all sites in Search was revised recently. It announced that the time-frame is now extended to the end of March 2021 to give websites a bit more time to adjust parts of their pages for mobile-first indexing.

New JavaScript Documentation

The expanded guide in search documentation for JavaScript sites has additional information about links, the history API, URL fragments, and 404 pages.

New Google Webmaster Video & Podcast Series

A new episode of season two of SEO mythbusting has been uploaded which featured Martin Splitt (Developer Advocate, Google) and Eric Enge (General Manager of Digital, Perficient) in which they talked about myths related to page speed and rankings. To read about the myths revolving around page speed and rankings, click here.

Google has also decided to expand its Search off the Record podcast series where experts talk about what happens behind the scenes at Google.




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