Google Plans to Roll Out New Brand Measuring Tools

Measuring online advertising impact on a brand is difficult, if not impossible. That was until Google announced the development of an online brand metric tool that will speak to the plight of traditional and non-traditional brand marketers everywhere.

The new Brand Activate Initiative is “an ongoing Google effort to address these challenges and re-imagine online measurement for brand marketers.” With this initiative, Google is working to build useful brand metrics into the tools marketers are already using to manage their online advertising campaigns. The ultimate plan is for this new tool to measure an ad’s ability to drive sales or think favorably of the brand – something that has miffed marketers since the early days of TV.

Google rolled out the first two Brand Activate solutions last week and here’s what we’ve gathered thus far:

Active View 

In just a few weeks, marketers will get a chance to test-drive this technology within Google Display Network Reserve, which counts “viewed” impressions that tell whether a consumer viewed an ad or clicked away. According to Google, Active View will be submitted for Media Rating Council accreditation, as it is defined by the IAB’s proposed standard of at least a 50% viewable display ad for at least one second.

Once in place, advertisers will only pay for viewed impressions. Active View will become the universal currency and be offered within DoubleClick for Advertisers. Google has future plans to work on viewed impression standards along with the IAB and other partners.

Active GRP

GRP means gross rating point, which is TV advertising metric used to measure the reach and frequency of a TV ad. Google’s Active GRP is the online equivalent, which will extend brand marketing from offline to online in the same capacity.

Since Active GRP will be integrated into Google’s present ad tools, marketers will have the flexibility to adjust ads in real time, which is not possible with traditional advertising campaigns. Google has already launched a pilot program for DoubleClick for Advertisers clients and plans to integrate it with other products.

Not only that, Active GRP compensates for potential panel skewing and reliance on one data source thanks to its robust methodology. According to Google, “Active GRP is calculated by a statistical model that combines aggregated panel data and anonymous user data (either inferred or user-provided), and will work in conjunction with Active View to measure viewed impressions.”

This methodology will also be submitted to MRC.

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