Google Penalty And Link Spam Removal Service


Google Penalty And Link Spam Removal Service

Remove Unnatural Link Spam and Regain Your Rankings!

Have you recently seen a drop in your rankings? Traffic? Sales? You’re not alone. Google rolled out another “Penguin” update. Another evil zoo animal that hurt hundreds even thousands of websites and business owners around the globe.

Google’s “Penguin” Update targets those sites that have been over optimized, have an unnatural links profile, and use less than squeaky clean SEO techniques in an effort to game the search engines to achieve higher rankings, these strategies known as “black hat SEO.”

Many websites that were utilizing these link spam techniques seem to have lost their search engine rankings, seen a sharp decrease in traffic, and in many cases incurred a manual penalty which could mean a long road ahead to regain previous rankings and traffic.

Has My Site Been Flagged For Link Spam?

We have uncovered several factors that seem to be the major culprits in these overnight ranking losses.

  1. Too many exact anchor text backlinks
  2. Overuse of exact match domains
  3. Low-quality article marketing & blog link spam
  4. Keyword stuffing in internal/outbound links

So it’s safe to say that if you saw a sudden decrease in rankings and traffic, and you or your SEO agency have been guilty of using any of the unnatural linking techniques listed above, you probably got mauled by a “Penguin.”

How Can I Recover From Penguin & Remove Unnatural links?

Since most of the factors we listed above predominantly have to do with unnatural spam backlinking practices, that should be your starting point. Here at SearchDog Marketing we have created a process for the removal of unnatural link spam from client websites. Here is that process.

  1. Gather all your backlink data
    1. Get links from webmaster tools
    2. Get links from Fresh and Historic Index using Majestic SEO
    3. Get Links from
  2. Paste all the links in an excel spreadsheet
  3. Analyze all the backlinks for anchor text, relevancy, indexation, and authority
  4. Contact webmasters of low quality links to remove the spam backlinks
  5. Create comprehensive documentation of entire process to submit to Google for reconsideration
  6. Submit to Google for reconsideration

Sounds like a lot of work doesn’t it. Well it is. If you’ve been effected by this recent update you have two options, either try to remove the spammy backlinks yourself or hire an expert who knows how to analyze a backlink profile and spot unnatural backlinks quickly.

If you suspect you’ve been hit by the “Penguin” update, contact us, we will do a FREE backlink analysis and give you an honest assessment on your next steps.


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