Google May 2020 Update Rolls out Completely: The New Normal

Google officially announced the completion of the rolling out of the May 2020 Core Algorithm Update. It’s been two weeks since the algorithm started to roll out earlier this month, and rank fluctuations invaded SERP.

But as the changes completely rolled out globally, the volatility has settled, and search queries are throwing up results that define a new normal in SERPs.

Publisher Sentiments

Google Algorithm Updates are rarely met with exuberance and positive sentiments. This update was no different.

Publishers expressed their dissatisfaction over different outcomes resulting from the update.

New Normal SEO1 covid

Some lost rankings in search engine results, some find big brands occupying the most important spots on the SERP, while others feel the update has made adjustments in SERP to be in tune with the COVID influenced search behavior.

No matter what it is, it surely doesn’t feel the same as its predecessors.

The changes that followed the May 2020 updates have been labeled by many as being unusual. Quite a possibility that the lockdown search behavior has impacted Google updates and results. 

Let’s take a look at the major changes that have become topics of online discussions 

Social Media Dominance on SERP

There’s been too much of Pinterest on the SERPs post the algorithm rolled out, and that’s really been bothering users.

New Normal covid SEO2

New Normal covid SEO3

And, another epic complaint…

New Normal covid SEO4

Brand-Friendly SERP

Another observation shows that the new SERP order belongs to big brands. Brands like Amazon, eBay, and Etsy have multiple listings. And this is irking users… 

New Normal covid SEO5

New Normal covid SEO6

The above tweets succinctly summarize the latest trends after the May 2020 algorithm changes rolled out. But more important than these are the reasons that fuel these trends.

COVID Lockdown Effect?

There is a strong possibility that the new trends are a result of the latest lockdown. Users looking for ‘how-to’ guides, or online shopping options, have increasingly turned to eCommerce brands.

This is evident from the Google Trends.

ebay covid1

etsy covid

Amazon has a similar traffic scenario:

amazon covid 

Given these trends, is there a possibility that Google is fine-tuning its results to be in line with popular demand? This could be a possibility if one looks at the hit that gym-related sites have taken during the lockdown.

But, this could also be a coincidence. Though the new search trends appear to be lopsided towards big brands and favoring lockdown-influenced search results, we can’t be sure if this is truly so, or if it is a temporary change, or permanent.

All we can do is wait for a formal statement from Google. Till then, gear up for the new normal.


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