Google Algorithm Updates

The rank checking tools fluctuated like they hadn’t in a while. Some SEOs reported a rise in rankings. The SEO forum was full of chatter.

And all of this happened around the same time – 16th April.

Could there have been an algorithm update?

Well, maybe! 

All the signals point towards it though Google has not confirmed any of it yet. 

Blame it on the COVID-19 forced working environment, the din in the online forums had been very low recently. But, it peaked around the 16th.

And if you noticed any SERP changes in the past week, attribute it to the algorithm changes.

Here’s a snapshot of the ranking tools:

cognitive seo



And here’s snippet from the buzz in the discussion forum, 

google traffic


Will the Next Google Core Update be Delayed? 

Google rolls out a core update every quarter. The last one rolled out on Jan 13, 2020. It’s almost time for the next one.

But in the light of the current world situation will Google be updating algorithms as usual? That’s the question that all SEOs have been asking.

But Google being used to throwing surprises (or, shocks) when you least expect them is not ready yet, to spill the beans.

google algorithm update

So, we may have one coming up soon. Get ready!


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