Google AdWords vs. AdWords Express: The Case for Pay-Per-Click

Update: Google Adwords is now been called Google Ads!

When it comes to pay-per-click advertising with Google, you have two options: Google Adwords OR Google Adwords Express.

What’s great about Google is that the customer service reps are very helpful and will walk you through the process of signing up.

Adwords is for the more experienced Internet marketer, who wants more control over campaigns. Adwords allows you to pick your keywords, daily budget and how much you to pay per click.

Here’s a simple breakdown comparison of the two:

                                                            AdWords Express              Adwords

FREE                                                               NO                              NO


REQUIRED                                                      NO                              YES



CLICKS                                                           YES                             YES



CONTROL                                                       YES                              YES



CONTROL                                                        NO                               YES



SEARCH AND MAPS                                      YES                               YES




MAPS                                                              YES                                YES



SITES                                                               NO                                 YES



DISPLAY AND YOUTUBE                               NO                                  YES



GEOGRAPHICALLY                                      LOCAL                           ANYWHERE

Adwords Express is a nice place for novice Internet marketers to start off with pay-per-click ads. There are many benefits to Google Adwords Express, there’s one in particular that we’re especially excited to share as a main reason for not abandoning pay-per-click campaigns.

Adwords Express is the simplest way to get stated with Google Adwords search marketing.

With Proximity Location, Ads Reaches Customers In Your Area

Adwords Express uses proximity targeting to show your ad to people physically located near your business.  In Adwords Express, the default radius is 25 km and cannot be changed, but Adwords offers more freedom with this tool.

Where AdWords Express Ads Are Placed

Ads can appear in above or next to the search results or on Google Maps above the search results in the left hand panel. PPC ads do NOT appear in the organic search results, which are controlled by SEO, nor will they affect your ranking.

How to Get Started

First, you’ll need a mailing address. Even though a website isn’t required, it does seem like it would be a logical way to increase visitor lead conversion, doesn’t it? Websites aren’t mandatory, but are an integral part of a larger content marketing strategy that will increase your overall chances of moving up in search engine rankings.

Alex D.

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  2. Geoffrey Mayne - 6th December 2018 Reply

    Random stat: Google gets 97% of its revenue from ads.

  3. ForexSteam - 7th December 2018 Reply

    Adwords can be a game changer if you implement it correctly.

  4. Elise - 7th December 2018 Reply

    Very good info about Google Ads. Lucky me I found your blog by chance.

  5. Hildegard Harpster - 8th December 2018 Reply

    It’s all about relevance when you do AdWords. Pay attention to CTR as it is the key metric that determines if your AdWords Ads are relevant.

  6. milton sepulveda - 9th December 2018 Reply

    Google has re-branded AdWords as Google Ads recently.

  7. Bianca - 18th December 2018 Reply

    With AdWords Express you dont have full control over how exactly your money is spent.

  8. Haze Lovens - 18th December 2018 Reply

    The idea with Adwords Express is creating a really simple campaign with business category, short Ad copy, destination URL and monthly budget.

  9. sylvester nason - 19th December 2018 Reply

    Very educational, many thanks for keeping everyone up-to-date relating to Google Ads.

  10. Genaro - 5th June 2019 Reply

    I’m impressed with your thoughtful technique,
    let’s connect some time.

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    I wanted to thank you for this excellent read!! I definitely loved every little bit of it.

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