Google Adwords Express: Local Marketing The Easy Way

Have you ever tried to create an Adwords campaign for your business only to become frustrated and overwhelmed with the process and work involved?  Well not anymore, with “Adwords Express,” the search engine giant is hoping to attract novice marketers to they’re pay per click advertising model by:

  • Shortening the learning curve
  • Eliminating the hassle of keyword research and campaign setup
  • Making targeting the right audience extremely simple
  • Removing the need for campaign management

Is Google Adwords Express Really That Simple?

The main goal of “Adwords Express” is to help local businesses quickly deploy targeted online marketing campaigns without having to be an Adwords expert.

Setting up these campaigns can be done in a few simple steps, just enter the category your business falls into, pick a monthly budget from the choices provided, create an interesting ad that appeals to potential customers, and provide a page where you want to send the traffic (either a page on your website or a Google Places page).

Once you’ve completed this information and hit save, Google Adwords express automatically creates a fully functional adwords campaign with recommended keywords and bid amounts.

In less than an hour your ad can be in front of all those potential customers in your local area searching for your product or service.

Adwords Express sounds great, what do I need to get started?

First off, a mailing address is mandatory.  And although you don’t have to have a website, it will more than likely increase your visitor to lead conversion rate.  If you don’t currently have a website, give us a call we can help you out.

You don’t need any expertise or experience with online advertising whatsoever. All that’s left is for you to determine what your monthly budget will be, and you get an estimate of how many clicks you can expect to receive based on that budget.  All the heavy lifting of campaign creation is done for you.  Now just sit back and let the traffic roll in.

For any local business owner looking to generate leads from the search engines, but isn’t ready to pay a professional this is a fantastic starting point.  My only suggestion would be to send your visitors to a website that’s set up to convert that traffic.

If you’re looking for a more robust search advertising campaign to help you reach even more potential clients or just want a new website to help you grow your business, give us a ring.

Alex D.

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