Google Adds More Weight to the Importance of SEO

In these changing times, marketers are already beginning to realize the importance of SEO in their marketing strategy. A recent report suggests that 22% of all website traffic is through SEO efforts.

At such a time when the focus is getting sharper on SEO and the benefits marketers can harvest from it in the long-term, Google just added some more weight to it.

The True Worth of SEO

Google launched a blog series dedicated to showcasing case studies that highlight the importance of SEO.

While a large number of business and blog owners are convinced of the importance of investing in SEO, many may still need more evidence to loosen the wallet strings to spend on SEO.

Maybe it was people like this that propelled Google to start this new series that features case studies to drive home the importance of SEO. 

Here is the first from the blog series…

The SEO Case of Saramin, Korea

Saramin is the largest job platform in Korea. It offers job posting recommendations, company and salary information, AI-based interviews, and AI-based headhunting services

The Beginning

The company’s SEO efforts began in 2015.

They spent an entire year finding and fixing crawling errors indicated in the Search Console.

This yielded an increase of 15% in their organic web traffic.

Encouraged by these early results, the job platform decided to invest more in SEO efforts.

Diving Deeper

The subsequent step involved some laborious study of the Google Search developer’s guide and help center articles.

The company focused on fixing on-page SEO elements like:

  • Removing unhelpful meta tags
  • Using rel-canonical and removing duplicate content
  • Applying applicable structured data starting with job posting, breadcrumb, and estimated salary.

Also, the company made use of various Google tools such as Structured Data Testing Tool, Mobile-Friendly Test, AMP Test, and PageSpeed Insight.

The sustained efforts led the red alerts on the Search Console’s Index Coverage report to turn green over time. 

True worth of seo

Source: Google Blog

mobile usability

Source: Google Blog

The Rewards

The lasting improvements made by the job platform not only increased traffic but also showed an improvement in the quality of traffic.

This was evident in the number of new sign-ups that increased by 93% while conversion jumped up by 9%.

After the reassuring success, Saramin is determined to ramp up its SEO efforts. As the SEO Manager of the company puts it, “it’s only the beginning of our story”. A lot more can be achieved through continual SEO improvements.


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