Getting the Right Domain Name: An exercise worth the Investment

In the pre-digital world when Shakespeare asked, “What’s in a name?” the answer was most obviously, “Not much”. But if that same question was to be put forward today in the digitized world, the answer would be, “A lot!”. In fact, there is so much to a name in the digital world that it can make or break your e-business, or blog! Yes! You read that right. The name, not only for a business, but also for a domain can be a valuable asset and determines how easily your website or blog can be located by the target audience.

It’s a no-brainer then, to understand that the selection of a domain name needs to be a time-taking activity which should be seen as an investment which will give you dividends in the form of web traffic and conversions at later stages. In this blog we are going to list out some points that bloggers and business owners should keep in mind before selecting a domain name. So, let’s start.

1. Brand Names matter

That’s true! We all know the kind of awe that brands inspire. Brand names are created through iterative processes, each better than the earlier one, and therefore are trusted by consumers. You or, your business might be a newbie today but the aim is to be a brand with strong presence in the market. Therefore, while choosing a domain name make sure that it is not unnecessarily stuffed with keywords making your business look like a wannabe. Instead, choose a domain name that strongly reflects the personality of the brand that you aspire to create.

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2. KISS (Keep it Simple, Stupid)

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication, said a wise person and nothing can be closer to this than having a simple domain name. A convoluted name with extra s‟s or r‟s may sound fancy but is difficult to remember. A short and simple name is far more likely to stick to the audience’s mind and stay there rather than a complicated one. So, ensure that the domain name is a simple one.

3. Cause least strain to the tongue, please!

An extension to the earlier rule, avoid tongue twisters at all cost. Unnecessarily complicated versions of a simple domain name can confuse the visitors and abandon the search midway.

4. Leave the Special Characters for another day

When we said keep it simple, we meant keeping the domain name simple. No hyphens, no exclamations, no numbers, and no special characters. They take the sheen away from your name making it look like just another local website on the whole wide web.

5. Plan for the Future

You might just be starting out today but, may expand the business at a later point in time. You may add more products, services or, just might widen your reach to newer localities or, geographies. Does your domain name allow for that expansion? Or, is it too hyper local and reflects a small business incapable of achieving expansion? Consider this strongly while choosing the right domain name.

6. Get a Domain Name on the ‘.com’ Space

Domain names on the „.com‟ space stick to the memory easily. Since the inception of the World Wide Web, these have been the most commonly used web extensions and therefore registering your domain name on the “.com” space might be a good idea. However, if your business will always remain local, serving a particular geography or, locality, it would be an intelligent idea to consider a geography-specific extension.

7. Don’t forget to explore Social Media Platforms and Trademarks

All businesses and blogs these days connect with their customers through social media platforms. Therefore, while choosing a domain name, make sure that the name is also available on Social media platforms and are not reserved by trademark laws.

8. Use of Keywords in Domain Name

Did we just confuse you? Well, that’s not the intention. This does contradict the first point where we suggested avoiding keywords in the domain name, but if it’s possible to neatly manage a brand name with a keyword, do give it a try.

9. Avoid Competition & Confusion

Try to buy common versions of your domain name or, domain names that are similar to yours. This will ensure that the web traffic does not get diverted to similar sounding websites and you avoid unnecessary confusion and competition.

10. The Domain Name generator

And, when nothing works, the domain name generator comes to help! Yes, though the process of selecting a domain name might sound easy, trust us, it is anything but that. With the presence of more than 300 million websites out there, even a wordsmith would find it hard to come up with something new. When faced with such dilemma, access the domain name generator and get some help.

Finally, best of luck with finding that domain name of your choice that sets you apart on the World Wide Web.


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